Lake Baringo : The lake is found in Rift Valley ,Kenya formerly Baringo district now Baringo county.The lake is inside lake Bogoria national reserve and for that reason it is one of the highly recommended tourists destinations by Kenya safaris tour companies and Bird watching. The distance from the Kenya Capital Naitobi to the lake is approximately 239 km by road .It has two primary inflows Sandai and Emsos rivers with no outlet.Lake Bogoria is about 34 km long by 3.5 km wide with a drainage basin of 700km².It was formerly known as (Lake Hannington).It is a saline ,alkaline lake in a volcanic region.It is famous for its geysers bubbling with the most spectacular hot water volcanic springs ♨ and its huge population of pink flamingos which come to feed om algae and drink fresh water from lake side sprouts .The lake is highly alkaline and twice salty as sea water,andfor that it can’t support fish.


The local community  and the early inhabitants around the lake are the Endorois community among the Tugen subtribe of the Kalenjin. The community believes that the lake was formed as a punishment against a wayward clan.They say  thousands of years ago Bogoria was a very fertile land hosting Kapsogomo and kapsaraki clans.The kapsaraki clan were arrogant, proud and unkind while the Kapsogomo clan were generous, kind and humble. They say that kapsaraki used to dig large dams ,organised a competition in which they would compete in who would fill their dams with milk and the gods were not happy about that.

So one time a old beggar from far passed by the village and met first with the kapsaraki people.He went to each of their homestead asking for water and something to eat but all they gave him was a goat’s placenta and chased him away.He came to the Kapsogomo clan, he was told to put the placenta by the goat’s shed and proceeded to give him food ,water and clean clothes and went away happy.

One evening the gods appeared and warned Kapsogomo clan of a punishment meted on the village.They advised them to pack all their belongings and leave.They collected everything that belonged to them and waited for opportune time to leave.On that night heavy rain pounded the area.The rain was so heavy that it shook the ground and jets of hot water started to shoot from the ground.(The now famous Bogoria geysers) and chaos reigned the village as sounds of falling pots and gourds hitting against each other were heard.

Lake Baringo
Lake Baringo

Desperate screams of men and women screaming could be heard miles away, property and people perished but Kapsogomo clan were spared.Their houses were untouched despite the village being submerged in water. When the morning came,Kapsogomo found themselves surrounded by a mass of water ,they were actually on an island with a narrow path connecting them to the mainland. The Kapsogomo clan elder led them and all their belongings out of the island through the path to the mainland,as they went through the path the land behind thesunk and submerged in the water.By the time they reached the mainland the path behind them had disappeared and filled with water.They named the huge mass of water lake Bogoria.

Until today it is believed that Kapsogomo clan never visits the lake.A story is said of a man who went with his wife to see the lake ,when they were about to reach the lake the man started running like a mad man towards the lake,the wife followed him, when she was about to reach him he jumped into the lake and died.

           Lake Bogoria national reserve.

Lake Bogoria national reserve has been a protected national reserve since November 29,1973 under Kenya wildlife service( KWS).The lake has around 200 hot springs in total but it has that sprouts out on the ground one side of the lake.The sprouts are hot enough to boil an egg.

The national reserve is also rich in variety of wild life.The greater kudu which is used by Baringo county government as its symbol can be seen across the woodlands or spotted resting under acacia trees.The burchell’s zebra, impalas ,gazelles warthogs can be spotted grazing on the plains.Vervet monkeys and Olive baboons can be seen around the hot springs ,or at the campsites.There are also predators such as leopard ,spotted hyenas and mongoose. There also plentiful types of birds the common Ostriches on the lake shores.The black headed herons sacred ibis and hadada around the swamps.The grey crowned crane is the most elegant of birds and will be seen engaging in courtship dances ,when they gather in flocks during the breeding seasons where numerous pair and mate seeking adults assemble.


Being a national reserve  Kenya wild life service charges entry fees into the national reserve.

The charges vary:

Citizen adults 18 years and above -kshs 300

Residents  above 18 years – kshs 1000

Non residents above 18 years 50 USD

Citizen children – ksh 150

Residents children  kshs 300

Non residents children (5-9) years – 10 USD

Citizens  ( 75 years and above)  – ksh 150


Motor bike ksh – 100

Saloon car  – ksh 300

4WD/D cabin / prato/ Nissan ( 14 pass) – Ksh 1000

Mini bus (32 pass) – ksh 2500

Overload truck / Bus ( over 32) – ksh 3000


Filming commercial  1 week – ksh 50,000

Filming full features 1 week – ksh 75,000

Filming documentary 1 week – 25,000

Landing fee ( less than 5 seats) – ksh 1,000

Landing  fee caravan – ksh 2,500

Helicopter – ksh 2,500

Micro and paramotor glider – ksh 750

Paraglider  – ksh 500.


There are plenty of accommodation available facilities ranging from camps, lodges ,resorts and luxurious hotels which offer midrange ,budget to the most expensive and luxurious.

The nearby city is Nakuru in the neighbouring Nakuru county which is 82 kms away and approximately 2 hours drive by road offer a wide choice of hotels upto 5 star accommodations .Some of the hotels include Lake Bogoria spa and hotel,Island camp Baringo, Sandai resort ,Soi safari Lodge, Robbert’s camp ,Sarmatian island ,Ronella cottages, Tumbili cliff Lodge and many more.


  • Lake bogoria national reserve – This entails driving in and around the park,this offer wonderful wildlife experience.One can have roof top peeps, of the wildlife either grazing or resting under acacia trees shades.
  • Nature trail walks – This is walking around the park assisted by a guide trained by Kenya wildlife service. This is perfect for it offer Questions and answer moments highly recommended for researchers and students
  • Bird watching –A perfect place to be for a bird watcher.There are plenty of birds to be seen here ranging from the biggest bird,the Ostriches, and flamingos among others.

    Lake Baringo
    Lake Baringo
  • Hiking and cycling –For those who enjoy exercises and long walks or cycling this is the perfect place to blend it with wildlife.
  • Massage and spa- Lake Bogoria hotel and spa offer massage and spa after a tedious day activities.
  • Camping – one can decide to experience the wild life by spending your holiday in a tent.

A visit to lake Bogoria national reserve one is guaranteed of:

  1. Flamingos: The visitors can enjoy the close up view of flamingos and other birds species living in communities with flamingos like the grey crowned crane, black headed herons, Ostriches, hadada, sacred ibis etc
  2. Hot springs. It has over 100 amazing hot springs up to 94 degrees, people especially the locals visit for spiritual purposes, tourist and many other people visit to enjoy their uniqueness, some even are able to boil eggs on the hot springs.
  3. Geysers and Fumaroles .
  4. Some include the Antelopes, impalas, gazelles zebra , Baboons etc

This is one of the best tourist destinations in the region.Lake Bogoria being one of the recommended places to visit by the Kenya wildlife safaris,Kenya camping safaris,Kenya hiking safaris and kenya nature walks among others can be visited any time of the year,although many people like to visit during the dry season. The rainy season doesn’t really affect your visit to the lake because the roads and passages to lake are modernly developed and are passable even during the rainy season.

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