Karuma Falls  : Can you sense the stillness of a mild waft? Fall days are pending soon underneath the trees, florae in bloom daylight setting soon can you sense the calm air sounds of flowing water over the atmosphere well this is what you will get once a foot is stepped onto the land of Uganda to the beautiful water falls in the country, and once water falls are mentioned you can’t skip to talk about the famous Karuma falls.

Located along Lake Victoria the Karuma falls on the river Nile is one of the most stayed water falls in Uganda the falls has very attractive decors to see and to appearance at, that take a lot of tension plus giving a great concentration to the minds of the quests.

 The Karuma falls was twisted into a hydration power source by the government of Uganda in order to advance on the power supplies of the rural areas in Uganda rather supplementing on that the water fall is one of Uganda’s greatest tourist attractions carrying a huge number of birds and fish kinds to observe. Right through the Karuma wildlife reserve spot each by sight.

On the other hand “Karuma” was modified from a local Luo word meaning “great spirit”. Waters of the Nile crunch into a series of stuns forming a froth like appearance that gives the water a white color; to the saying “the white waters of Karuma” The locals believed that these massive gravels were located along the river sequence by “a great spirit”. That is why they call it Karuma.

Activities at Karuma falls.

Karuma falls is located along Kampala Gulu highway and this stunning water fall is honestly not known for so much fun activities due to the fact that it is a hydro generating power source in Uganda but that does not mean it does not have entertaining parts as well and some of these may include.

Visiting Karuma wildlife:  on your Uganda Safari and you happen to reach this secreted tourist place, be sure to see numerous wildlife species,

Including: Uganda Kobs, monkeys, giraffes, elephants, baboons, buffaloes and occasional sightings of lions and leopard.

White Water Rafting: this electrifying activity that will send the unexpected rush through your entire body. This activity you a drill of entertainment that is so unforgettable.

Swimming: Swimming in the water banks in Jinja is conceivable because there is no record of Bilharzia cases and other transferrable diseases due to the fact that the water is not constantly in one place but just ever on a move. It is also free from hazardous animals like crocodiles and Hippos and other dangerous water animals.

Jet Boating: Jet boating emerges on fall also bequest an everlasting experience of the water different from the white water rafting. You hit the torrents on this high speed boat bring out your most daring self, experiencing the Nile can honestly be a buzzing of mind and a supper astonishing moment to keep in the moments to share with associates back home .


Horse Riding: Horse back riding is along the shorelines of Karuma falls in the societies and paths through farmlands. Enjoy the scenery in Uganda’s geography on a horse with children soothing you up as you take in the unpolluted air of Mother Nature and birds whistling praises to you as the sun gives that lovely warmth as the winds blow on you.

Bungee Jumping: Bungee Jumping activities are accessible at the Nile High Bungee Company in Jinja City, in Uganda. Bungee jumping is such an exciting sport that is not for the feeble of heart. Tourists can take a leap of faith and jump from the bungee tower which stands at a height of 44meters above the ground and get to see the true meaning of putting one’s life in God’s hands.

Boat Cruise: Going on a boat cruise along the Nile River is one of the best ways for any sightseer to reconnoiter the Nile. You can take either a before noon or twilight boat cruise to relax and chill out with friends and family, while supping a cold drink and eating a roasted meet stick while you surveillance the sunset late in the evening.

Karuma Falls
Boat cruise

Sundowners: There is no better way to devote your evening than on a sundowner along falls to Lake Victoria while with the best of the people you love to spend time with. Nip on a cocktail eat a roasted meat as you enjoy the superb views of the water and the lush countryside.

Sport Fishing: Sport fishing is one of the furthermost exciting doing to do for any visitor beholding to have a feel of the water. Attracted guests can take part in sport fishing activities and competitions that are directed on River Nile just near the falls, and this can be done in Jinja and Murchison Falls National Park. Guests taking part in sport fishing activities can catch large fish sorts such as the Cat Fish, Nile Perch and Tilapia among others this sport unit’s people together and conveys about peace.

Quad Biking: The quad bikes are a great way of sightseeing the falls and the countryside along the falls. Proper imprints are available leading through the local communities to water fall and from the water fall to the native communities. Then the biking delight will leave you saying indeed the water fall is a gift from Mother Nature.

Some of these activities can be enjoyed well from the falls but other activities can be carried out from Murchison falls and maybe with an added adventure at Murchison Park as well.

 How to get to Karuma falls

To enter Karuma though the Northern entrance gates, use the Kampala-Packwach road which crosses the Nile at Karuma Falls Bridge at the corner of Murchison Falls National Park, 260km from Kampala. It’s the best gate to use for the guests travelling to and from Gulu town and Kidepo Valley National Park.  One can go through the Chobe, Wankwar, Mubako and Tangi gates north of the Nile. Onto the other hand one can as well Travel by air from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi airfield near Kampala, which will land at Pakuba Airfield which is 19km from North Paraa. The park also has other Airfield which include: Chobe found in the East of the park, and Bugungu in the South near Murchison Falls. All these can be used to get you to the Karuma fall and permit you to get a pleasant visit at the water fall.

 First aid tip: in case on an adventure and get to be involved in an accident or even get bruised rather a friend these are some of the first aid tips you may need to grasp on your travel to Karuma falls.

Wash your hands. This helps avoid infection and as well keep germs a way.

Clean the wound. Colorant the wound with water. Keeping the wound under water will decrease the danger of infection. Sponge around the wound with soap. However don’t get soap in the wound. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide or iodine

Stop any bleeding. Apply force to the wound with a sterile bandage, a clean cloth or a clean piece of clothing.

Restrain the injured area. Don’t try to readjust the bone or push a bone that’s stabbing out back in. in case of a fracture add a cold piece of water or even ice if available in order limit swelling and help relieve pain.

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