Iconic mountains in Uganda : Yet another venture in the land that is ever green and filled with great physical features to be explored and ventured upon while in the beauty of the mother land the pearl of Africa.

Uganda still again an exclusive destination to be visited while on an African adventure to the wildlife and this becomes even more exciting while one chooses to visit the different mountains in the country.

Uganda is just the right destination to visit while trying to get into the amusement provided by the electrifying mountains in the entire world and this is because Uganda is known to be the land of mountains.

The most popular mountain ranges are the Rwenzori which are accessible via 2 trekking routes: the Kilembe Trail (Southern Circuit), and the Central Circuit and most case treks are usually most carried out from the Kilembe Trail because it offers the best views of the soaring peaks, stunning lakes, and glaciers.

After the famous mountain Rwenzori ranges are in other wards referred to as the mountain of the moons come in the only extinct shield volcano mountain in Uganda which is mountain Elgon.

Mountain Elgon is situated on the Ugandan-Kenyan border and it is the eight highest peak in Africa with Wagagi Peak of about 4,321m height as the mountain highest point.

Iconic mountains in Uganda
Hiking Mount Elgon

Having glance at these stunning mountains will surely leave you mind blown and with the excellence of these mountains lots get to have different kinds of safari activities carried out at the points.

Mountains in Uganda are excellent for hikes and also provide some fascinating experience in high-altitude trekking safaris in the country and these are the reasons as to why mountain climbers come from so very many different points of the country to have some of these thrilling experiences.

There is a broad list of mountains in Uganda and in this article Focus East Africa Tours gives you some of these thrilling mountains one should consider visiting most especially while in for a thrilling trek.

Despite of the fact that the list of these mountains usually come in at the mention of the previous mentioned mountains above which are mountain Rwenzori and Elgon, these mountains are also excellent on their own and extremely thrilling

These are some of the other mountains that one should consider while they venture the beauty of the pearl of Africa these involve; Mountain Stanley, Mountain Baker, Mountain Muhabura, Mountain Gahinga, Mountain Sabyinyo.

Mountains in Uganda are known to have great and iconic vegetation’s that make the surroundings of the mountains so beautiful and stunning while on the top of the mountains after the hikes.

A very beautiful stunning view of the savannah vegetation, the lakes, and forests and so on is what you should expect to sight while on your adventure to the mountains in the pearl of Africa.

With Focus East Africa Tours one has the chance to achieve a great safari adventure to the mountains in the pearl of Africa and with the help of the company one does not have to go through hard time to be able to enjoy the beauty of these destinations.

In conclusion mountains in Uganda can be explored at large with the support of Focus East Africa Tours with items to carry while on the trek and even the booking of the accommodations plus the transportation facilities to use.

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