How to get to Tarangire National Park  : Tarangire national park is one of the amazing Tanzania wildlife destinations located in the Northern Tanzania region, this park is more known as a seasonal park within the Greater Tarangire ecosystem and there is a lot of migratory movement of wildlife in the ecosystem.

Tarangire national park hosts a huge population of elephants and during the dry season, the elephants and other animals are attracted to the Tarangire River which is the remaining permanent water source during the dry season between June and October.

In the northern safari circuit, the park is the least visited park though it is very rewarding as it holds the real air of unveiled Africa more specifically in the southern region of the park.

Tarangire national park covers an area of 2,600 square kilo9meters with a hilly landscape dotted with a number of Baobab trees, thick bushes and long grass.

How to get to Tarangire National Park
Game drives

From Arusha Town it is a drive of approximately only 2hours and a distance of only 7 kilometers, from Tarangire national park it is quite an easy drive to the neighboring Tanzania wildlife destinations that is Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Lake Manyara national park.

Here is how to get to Tarangire national park

By air

The main gateway and the best option to get to the park by air is flying into Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA located approximately 46 kilometers from Arusha, another option is flying into Julius Nyerere International airport (DAR) situated near Dar es Salaam then get a domestic flight at Arusha Airport (ARK).

If you are looking for a relatively cheaper flight, you can opt for flying in Nairobi, Kenya and then use bus between Nairobi and Arusha Town. You are to get in Arusha in the late afternoon if take a morning bus.

Your tour operator that is Focus East Africa Tours, we pick you up from the airport or bus stop and we take care of the rest of the transportation throughout your Tanzania safari.

Charter flights

One can also you charter flights to get to Tarangire national park, these flights are from Arusha at Arusha airport to one of the airstrips serving Serengeti national park, from Serengeti national park you are driven to the park’s main entrance gate.

How to book a Flight to Tarangire National Park

Unlike in the past years, booking a chartered flight to Tarangire is very easy as they are a lot of online trusted dealers and websites offering reliable information on the cost, schedule and type of airline offering flights into Tarangire national park.

At Focus East Africa Tours, we can book for you, your chartered flight to Tarangire national park at a fair price, do not hesitate to ask us any question regarding these flights.

Flights to Tarangire national park are offered by several domestic airlines that include Coastal Aviation, Air Tanzania, Safari Air Link, Precision Air, ZanAir and Regional Air.

Note: the available charter flights have weight restrictions and for that reason, they you should inquire through your tour operator about how much luggage you can take at a time.

How to get to Tarangire National Park
Zan Air

By Road

From Arusha to the park, it is a distance of approximately 140 kilometers and a drive of about 3 hours to get to the park, by road transport you can use either private means or public means of transport to access the park.

At Focus East Africa Tours, we offer private transportation services from Arusha to Tarangire national park and vice versa, this service is included in the quotation for Tanzania and Tarangire safari

Tarangire national park is one of the most rewarding wildlife safari destinations to visit in Tanzania, though the park is a year round Tanzania safari destination. It is at its best during the dry season offering you remarkable views of wildlife most especially when exploring the southern part of the park.

Tarangire national park is part of the famous Tanzania northern safari circuit and is visited along with Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara national park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area/ Ngorongoro Crater.

Visiting the Tanzania Northern safari circuit, Arusha town is the starting point for most of the safaris.

Combining Tarangire with other National Parks

A safari to Tarangire national park can easily be combined with the neighboring pars/ wildlife destinations found in the northern safari circuit.

  • From Tarangire national park to Lake Manyara national park, it is approximately 110 kilometers and a drive of about 2h 50 min by road
  • From Tarangire national park to Ngorongoro Conservation Area it is a distance of approximately 140 kilometers and is a drive of about 3 hours away.

Tarangire national park can also be visited on a day tour while on a longer Tanzania safari to other national park in the same safari circuit , in case you wish to spend a night, there are various accommodation options ranging from budget, midrange and luxury. These accommodations include tented camps, safari lodges and camping site.

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