How Big Is The Saanane National Park? Saanane national park is located in Mwanza city, which is considered the second largest city in Tanzania after Dar es Salaam, and it is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria and it can be easily accessed by boat from the TANAPA offices. This national park was first gazette as a game reserve in 1991 and later it was established as a national park in 2013 and the Tanzania national parks Authority that has the major role of protecting all the national parks in the country are managing it. Saanane national park covers total surface area of about 2.18 square kilometers and it is among the destinations that one can opt to visit while on their adventurous safari in the country because there are number of tourists attractions which are exciting to see hence having a remarkable safari to remember and some of these include;

Tourist Attractions in Saanane Island National park.


Saanane national park is dominated and surrounded with grassy areas, thorny thickets, woodlands that makes it to be a good natural habitat to many wildlife species. therefore, individuals touring through different areas within this park will be able to sight see several animal species such as; rock hyraxes, impalas, monkeys, wild cats, zebras, wildebeests klipspringer, hyrax, vervet monkeys, dik dik, otters, crocodiles among others which are mixture of indigenous and introduced species. In addition, some of these include; lizards, agama lizards, pancake, tortoises and snakes of different types such as; pythons and many others. More so, Saanane island national park is a home to a variety of fish species such as; primarily and Nile perch.


Saanane national park is also seen as a birders paradise which harbours around 70 bird species and the unique fact about these birds is that they are of different types such as; migratory birds, water birds, resident species hence ranking this game park as of  the best destinations in the country where to visit while on your birding safari. In addition, some of the birds that can be easily spotted within the park include; pied king fisher, cormorants, fish eagles, hornbills, African grey parrot and many others.

How Big Is The Saanane National Park?
pied king fisher

Activities to do in Saanane Island National park.

Tourists who choose to visit in Saanane national park while on their safari always are blessed with great opportunities to embark onto several activities where they gain new experiences and are fun to do. Therefore, in the context below we will delve more through about the things those individuals can do while exploring through this game park and some of these include;

Sport Fishing.

Saanane island national park always organizes sport fishing within specific areas of the park. and during fishing, tourists are usually accompanied with a park guide due to the fact they are more knowledgeable therefore, their role is to guide, demonstrate and assist on how to conduct the fishing activities while wearing their fishing gear. In addition, some of the commonly fish species caught include; the Nile perch, Tilapia and many others.

Wildlife Viewing.

Wildlife viewing is one of the main activities that is necessary do for all the tourists who visit within the park. Saanane national park is renowned to be a home to numerous animal species that are usually spotted while they roam freely in different areas while searching for food and water. And some of these animals include; dik dik, crocodiles, zebras, rock hyrax, impalas, wild cats, warthogs, velvet monkeys, de-brazzas monkeys and many others.

In addition, apart from the above-mentioned activities, they always find interesting and create remarkable memories in more things that tourists can decide to participate. and some of these include; boat cruises, bird watching, rock climbing, nature strolls which always involve individuals to walk on foot while going through the authorized routes within the park, picnicking, camping and many others.

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