Horseback riding safari in Jinja, Uganda: Because it is one of the tourist destinations that showcases the boundless wonders of the Pearl of Africa, Jinja is one of the great and magnificent cities that tourists prefer to visit. Due to the safari adventure sports activities that are conducted in Jinja city at the source of the Nile, which will leave visitors with many wonderful memories of their trip to the source of the Nile, Jinja is well-known as the capital of adventure in Uganda.

One of the leisure and creative pursuits that allows tourists to gain insight into the origins of the Nile River’s banks—the longest river in Africa—is horseback riding. You will appreciate seeing the tea plantations, the rolling hills, the sugar plantations, birds, and animals, among other things while in a horseback riding safari. This excursion is incredibly fascinating and fantastic to be enjoyed by everyone visiting Uganda whether for mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable National park or wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth National park.


There are many Horseback riding Safari Company with satisfying experience in ensuring the safety of all travelers who participate in horseback riding adventures, operates equestrian safaris in Jinja. Make sure you book a horseback riding Safari Company which has been granted a license to run horseback safaris in Uganda.

Since the Horseback Safari company Team first provides fundamental skill training before starting the activity, especially to first-time riders, it is not necessary to have prior knowledge or experience to partake in horseback riding in Jinja. The horses have been trained and are always very sensitive to what you want them to do for a safe and relaxing riding experience.

The horseback safari in Jinja only allows participants who weigh no more than 90 kg to take part in the horseback riding safari. This guideline has been highlighted in order to protect the wellbeing of both the traveler and the horses. It’s also vital to keep in mind that most of the horseback safari company offers four different horseback riding experiences: a morning horse ride at 10 AM, an afternoon horse ride at 2 PM, an evening horse ride at 4 PM, and an overnight horse ride for travelers with sufficient experience.

Horseback riding safari in Jinja
Horseback riding safari in Jinja


Since the cost of horseback riding is determined by how many hours the traveler wants to enjoy the ride, this will affect how much it will cost. For instance;

  • Children can ride a horse and a pony for 120,000UGX per hour per kid or for 70,000UGX per kid for a 30-minute trip.
  • Adults pay $40 for an hour-long horse ride, $50 for an hour and a half-long horse ride, $60 for two hours of long horse riding, $90 for three hours of long horse riding, and $60 for an overnight horse ride.

Contact Focus East Africa Tours, your Uganda safari experts, for more information on the cost of horseback riding in Jinja. We have the expertise to combine your horseback riding in Jinja with other activities at the source of the Nile, such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, zip lining, and other activities that will provide you with amazing adventure experiences in the pearl of Africa.


Travelers can get in touch with us Focus East Africa Tours by phone or email for direct bookings and inquiries, and we will be able to provide them with a fast response and be available at all times. Again, Apart from us, we often suggest visitors reserve their horseback riding safari in Jinja through a professional Uganda safari operator such as Achieve Global Safari who will help them with lodging, food, and transportation arrangements as well as offer them a variety of advice on how to enjoy a horse in Jinja. When you book a horseback riding adventure with Tour in Wild Safari, you will receive a very standard horseback riding adventure as well as our professional safari guide who will accompany you to your Jinja horseback safari destination. For reservations and other inquiries, get in touch with us. We’re here to help, and we’ll treat the money you spend on your horseback safari with respect.


Visitors planning to go on a horseback riding safari in Jinja should bring long-sleeved pants for both men and women, comfortable sports shoes, a helmet or head hut to shield their heads from the sun’s direct rays, and a cream repellent to protect their skin from the sun’s rays in case of an accident.


Horseback riding takes a few hours, so there is time for other daring activities in the “capital of adventure,” Uganda, which boasts a variety of sights and experiences to enjoy on a Uganda safari tour. These include:

White-water rafting is an exciting sport that takes place on the Jinja River. It is a recreation that will give you the opportunity to view the lovely Nile scenery, as well as the sunshine and warm water, the rapid waters, the islands, and the river channel. White water rafting is done with the assistance of an experienced guide who will help to control the raft ride speed, resulting in a fascinating adventure once in a lifetime.

Bungee jumping is a new activity that has just been introduced on the Nile River. Your body or ankles will be tied, and you will leap from an elevated structure in the river with your head pointing downward. Travelers shouldn’t miss out on the bungee jumping experience in Uganda since it is an adventure inside an adventure that a lot of people who have a fear of the water are afraid to participate in.

 Another water-based sport activity is kayaking, which entails paddling gently while admiring the Nile’s natural splendor and exploring its source.

Another exciting activity at the source of the Nile is quad biking, which starts with a briefing and training session on how to operate the bikes and change gears, especially for novice riders. You can tour the river banks, the sugar and tea plantations, the adjacent villages and communities, and take in the sights of children swimming in the Nile while participating in this activity, among other things.

The river in Jinja is one of the best locations for sport fishing, offering visitors the chance to participate in catching the Nile perch, the largest fish in the world, as well as other fish species like tilapia and catfish, among others, in the Nile’s freshwaters.

Jet boating is one of the traditional pastimes that visitors to Jinja enjoy. It is a motorized, high-speed boat driven by a skilled guide who will provide you with an amazing experience while you enjoy riding the waves and rapids.

 Swimming in the fresh water of the Nile’s source is one of the best activities for strong swimmers because the water is devoid of bilharzia and dangerous animals like hippos and crocodiles don’t live there.


One of the closest towns to the capital city of Kampala is Jinja, which is located in the southeast of Uganda and to the east of Kampala. If there is no traffic, the trip to Jinja will take you two hours, and if there is, it will take you roughly three hours.

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