Hiking Mount Muhavura :  Mount Muhabura, also known as Mount Muhavura, is one of magnificent inactive volcanoes in the Virunga Mountains on the border between Rwanda and Uganda. At 4,127 meters (13,540 feet).  Muhabura is the third highest of the eight major mountains of the mountain range, which is a part of the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift. Muhabura occupies both Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda and partly in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda. The name Muhabura is driven from a local Kinyarwanda word means “The Guide” which probably derives from a historical use of the mountain to aid navigation.

Hiking through Mount Muhabura offers a great opportunity to explore the Virunga Mountain ranges. This is a full-day hike to complete the 4127m elevation and there are the steepest slopes to check on your fitness level. This is the third tallest peak among the 8 Virunga Mountain ranges. Mikeno volcano is the second tallest and the highest of all is Karisimbi volcano at 4507m.
Mt. Muhabura lies on the Eastern side of the Virunga Mountain ranges and its borders are shared by Uganda and Rwanda. It can take you a day to hike with about 6 to 8 hours to reach at the summit and descend back from the peak of Mount Muhabura. At the summits, while at the peak you will be rewarded with excellent view of the Twin Lakes -Lake Burera and Ruhondo and other Virunga Volcanoes. There is also a Crater Lake lying right next to the peak and as you come down, you will enjoy the view of different vegetation types.

Hiking mount Muhavura Volcano begins as any volcano hiking, begins early in the morning at 7:00am am with a briefing at the Kinigi offices of Volcanoes National Park or Ntebeko offices at Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. During the hiking safari process on Mountain Muhabura, the travelers will encounter a large number of  animals such as hyenas, golden monkeys, mountain gorillas, duikers, monkeys, and several bird species and at a certain point, they stop for a picnic lunch and then later proceed to the peak passing through different vegetation covers and rocks. At the top of Mountain Muhabura, you will have an opportunity to have amazing views of the breathtaking scenery, beautiful surrounding, and Virunga volcanoes like Sabyinyo, Gahinga, Bisoke, Nyiragongo, Karisimbi, and sights of different lakes including the small one at the summit, Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda, Burera and Ruhondo in Rwanda among others.

Tourists that usually hike Mountain Muhabura combine it with activities such as mountain gorilla trekking which can be in volcanoes national park or  Mgahinga national park,  golden monkeys trekking in Rwanda or  Uganda,  birding, cultural visits, and nature walk to lake Mutanda in Uganda.

Hiking fees for Muhabura Mountain

Any hiker interested to complete to hike up to the peak of mount Muhabura is recommended to have a valid permit. Mount Muhabura hiking permit cost 75 US$ per person in a day, exclusive of the transportation, accommodations, porter fees, among others.

What to pack for your Muhabura Mountain hike?

The essentials to consider on your hiking adventure in Volcanoes National Park particular at mount  Muhabura  include long-sleeved shirt, trousers, pair of warm socks, camera, daypack, a pair of gaiters, insect repellents, sunscreens, a rain jacket, a sweater, bottled water and enough snacks, gardening  gloves, waterproof hiking shoes among others.

When to go hiking adventure to Muhabura Mountain?

Mountain Muhabura hiking tours are open throughout the year, but the best time is during the dry season. There are two phases of dry month or season such as the long and short season. The dry season should be marked on your travel calendar if you are interested in excellent hiking adventures on Mount Muhabura. The long dry season stars from June, July. August and September. Short dry month to consider undertaking mount Karisimbi hike includes December, January and February. Of Unlike wetter months, the dry season experiences very low rainfall, and the trails is kept drier making it easier to navigate via the forest and steep slopes as you head to the summits of Karisimbi volcano 4,127meters?

Hikers can still hike Mountain Muhabura in the rainy season which occurs in March to May and October to November but you need to know that during this period, there is plenty of rainfall, the trekking trails are muddy and slippery and this reduces the speed of hikers, the vegetation in the park is tall which gives unclear views of the animals on the slopes of the mountain and the roads heading to the mountain are blocked.

Hiking Mount Muhavura
Hiking Mount Muhavura

How to get to Muhabura Mountain in Rwanda and Uganda

Mount Muhabura can be accessed both from Rwanda and Uganda. While in Rwanda, you can take roughly 2-3 hours driving from Kigali city Centre, driving via the picturesque hillside of Rwanda and you will arrive at volcanoes national park to check in at your safari lodge. Hikers on hiking safari in Uganda take about 8-9 hours driving from Kampala via Masaka-Mbarara-Kisoro. Even from Kigali, it is possible to cross to Kisoro via Chanika border and you hike to the top of Muhabura Mountain top.

In Uganda, there is also an option of taking a chartered or scheduled flight starting from Entebbe Airport to Kisoro airstrip. From Kisoro airstrip, you can be picked up and dropped at your safari lodges in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Where to stay Rwanda and Uganda on mount Muhavura hiking safari.

Accommodation to stay before or after hiking Muhabura Volcano include  Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel, Hotel Muhabura , Bisate Lodge, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Mountain Gorillas’ Nest Lodge, Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge, Garden Place Hotel, Gorilla Solution Lodge, Garr Hotel, Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge, Singita Kwitonda Lodge among others.

Accommodations to stay around Mgahinga Gorilla national park includes Muhabura Montel, Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp, Mount Gahinga Lodge, Traveler’s Rest Hotel Kisoro, Kisoro Tourist Hotel, and Mutanda Lake Resort among others.

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