Gorilla trekking gears/ what to wear/ what to pack for gorilla trekking safari: Taking on a gorilla trekking adventure whether in Uganda, Rwanda & DRCongo is such a fascinating and breath taking experience that enables tourists to spend a full 1 hour in presence of endangered primates in their natural habitats. Gorilla trekking remains the major tourist activity enjoyed in the 3 mentioned countries in East Africa and it is such a life time experience the moment you spot thee gorillas in their habitat. Therefore, it is necessary to get prepared with the best gorilla trekking Gears before embarking on your safari in order to full enjoy it to maximum.

Whichever destination one choses to visit for gorilla trekking, the experience is over whiningly worth it. However, you need to keep in mind that the terrain in these different destinations might be different for instance the terrains in Bwindi impenetrable national park is different from that of Mgahinga gorilla national park, Volcanoes national park and Virunga national park in Uganda, Rwanda and DRCongo respectively.

However, all these parks are elevated on a higher altitude making them very cold most especially at night thus you really to consider packing warm attire for the night. The pars as well receives rainfalls even during dry months you may receive some rains thus need to be handy with your rain jacket.

You as well need to know that the forest where gorilla trekking is conducted have thorny plants, nettles, insects and many more thus your body must be fully protected against all these the reason you need to have appropriate gorilla trekking gear.

Here are the gorilla trekking gears,

Long sleeved shirts and long trouser: Long sleeved shirts and trouser are very important to keep your delicate well protected while in the jungle. You need to choose appropriate color most recommended is Khaki, Green and Light brown. Ensure that you stay away from bright colors as they may attract insects and as well capture the attention of the wildlife species in the forest.

Gorilla trekking gears/ what to wear for Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo
Gorilla Trekking Gears

Water proof hiking boots/ shoes: The shoes you prepare for your gorilla trekking safari should be water proof and light in weight to enable you manage the long hikes in the jungle up and down as you follow up the gorillas. In most cases the trails are muddy and slippery the reason you need to wear appropriate hiking boots. Apart from appropriate boots/ shoes, you as well need to wear stockings and ensure that you tuck in your trousers in the socks. This will be an added advantages in protection of your body.

Gardening Gloves: Garden gloves are as well important while planning your next gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, Rwanda or in DR Congo. This helps in protecting your hands from injuries as you touch on different plants while on your trek in the jungle.

A Rain coat/ rain Jacket/ rain poncho: Whichever way you choose to call it, a rainy coat is such a handy item that shul never miss out in any backpack of a tourist while on a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, Rwanda and DRCongo. Bing rain forest, the climate conditions can change at any given period of time thus a rain poncho has to be in your back pack always.

A Hat/ cap: A cap/ hat will protect your head from falling leaves, fruits, and as well protect your head from direct sun on a sunny day. A round hat is more preferred since it can protect both the head and the neck at the same time from the direct sun. You need to worry about carrying your hat. In case you forget yours back home, there are craft shops where you can buy them before embarking on your gorilla trekking safari. Your safari driver can help you in this.

Gorilla trekking gears/ what to wear for Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo
Mgahinga Gorilla Trekking

Insect Repellent: Yes, you will surely need to wear an insect repellant to protect yourself from insect bites. Like any other jungle, the forest has lots of insects thus you will be on a safer side from these insect bites if you wear a repellant. You may even keep it in your backpack for in case you need to add more.

A Warm Sweater: You need this warm sweater in your backpack this will help you during early morning hours when the forest is fuckin cold and misty. The sweater as well will help you at night to keep your precious body warm.

Sun scream: This sun scream helps in protecting the exposed body parts from sun burns.

Sun glasses: These are important in keeping your eyes safe from foreign materials that may fall in your eyes. The sun glasses will as well protect your eyes from direct sunburn.

A camera/ Binoculars: You will need a camera obviously to help you capture different moments while in the habitat of gorillas. Ensure that you pack some extra charged batteries. Bird lovers are advised to carry their binoculars since there are lots of bird to watch in the forest.

Drinking water & snacks: You will need to pack enough water for drinking at least 2 liters and as well pack enough snacks to keep you energized as you toil through the forest in search of gorillas.

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