Fort Jesus in Mombasa : It is always a great and massive experience to understand how precious and valuable Mother Nature can tend to be therefore a visit in some of the republics of Africa will again open your eyes to the greatness of these experiences.

Kenya is one of the greatest East Africa countries that provide one with the most thrilling moments of adventure within the world and with this is always an exciting adventure through the republic of Kenya.

The republic of Kenya lies astride the equator, extending from the Indian Ocean in the east to Uganda in the west and from the United Republic of Tanzania in the south to Ethiopia and Sudan in the north. On the east and north-east, it borders Somalia.

The climate of the republic of Kenya is one of the most excellent things to first experience while in the country for the coastal areas are tropical, with monsoon winds, the lowlands are hot and mainly dry, the highlands are much cooler and have 4 seasons and all these favorable for tourism.

When it comes to the people of Kenya they are so welcoming and loving and with communication their basic language is Kiswahili and English as the official languages despite of the fact that each of the ethnic groups has its own language.

A safari in Kenya is one of the most excellent things one can ever do and for this fact many are persuaded to have a visit in the republic of Kenya and most say this is the best and greatest adventure ever.

Kenya’s wildlife is probably the most famous in the world. Wild mammals include the big five which are; lions, leopards, cheetahs, zebras, antelopes, gazelles, elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotami, baboons and many kinds of monkeys. There is a rich variety of native birdlife and migrant birds visit the country, which breed in Europe. Wildlife is protected in reserves extending to 45,500 sq. km, or some 8% of the total land area.

And in this article today Focus East Africa Tours brings to you yet another amusing and most exciting destination to visit in Kenya and this is none other than the great Fort Jesus.

Fort Jesus is yet one other the historical place that still educates of what existed in past ages of Kenya and when it comes to the history of Kenya this is one destination that can highly enlighten you with the great history of Kenya.

Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese in the year 1593 for divergent rationales gazetted by UNESCO and declared a World Heritage turned out to be one of Mombasa’s most visited site in the republic of Kenya.

Fort Jesus was declared a national park in 1958 but later in the 2011, it was declared a World Heritage Site and a visit at fort Jesus will surely give you the greatest thrilling’s as you learn more about the republic of Kenya.

Fort Jesus in Mombasa
Fort Jesus in Mombasa

Bit that fort Jesus is located in Mombasa City on the coast of Kenya there are lots of safari activities that can be carried out at fort Jesus and all these are electrifying for your own safari entertainment.

Some of these activities that can be done in fort Jesus are super amazing and highly excellent for one to experience all through and these include:

Visit the museum: in the center of the fort there’s a museum that displays of findings from 42 Portuguese warships that were sunk during the Omani Siege in 1697, and when in the museum you can get to learn more about the fort and how it come to construction.

Visit the Omani house: in the San Felipe bastion in the north-western corner of the fort lies the Omani house which was in the late 18th century with a small fishing dhow outside it and also an exhibition of Omani jewelry, weaponry and other artefacts are displayed within it hence one can even grab some to take back home as a remembrance.

Environmental study: with the help of Kenya safari guides you have the chance to get an environmental study of the area as you learn more of the forts history and also why it was put into consideration for construction.

These are some of the basic activities that you can do why at the fort to see that you get the best moments of the fort and with the help of Focus East Africa Tours you can as well carry out other safari activities at the coast of Mombasa.

In conclusion with the help of Focus East Africa Tours you can explore the republic of Kenya with no limitation for all Focus East Africa Tours operators are ready to see that you get your best of all African safaris.

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