Flamingo safaris in Kenya : Kenya is one of the best East African destination to have a fascinating birding safari from due to the various destination within it that are recorded to have some of the most sought for birds in  the world.

While on a wild safari to Kenya one has the chance to experience one of the most rarest safari activities in Kenya which surely leaves one with a thrilling of excitement and thirst for more.

Birding safaris in Kenya are indeed a way of appreciating nature but having the chance to carry out a flamingo safaris in Kenya will indeed put a full stop to the thirst of all sorts of venture in order to experience more of these amazing creatures.

In this article Focus East Africa Tours brings to you some of the best destinations in Kenya to carry out a flamingo safari from as you get to also enjoy other safari activities in Kenya.

As it is well known Flamingos are highly sociable birds and to all bird lovers watching flamingoes would surely be the best item on a safari visit to any destination in East Africa.

While on a safari in Kenya one has the chance to sight these fascinating creatures as they enjoy their habitant at the shores of Lake Bogoria formerly known as Lake Hannington.

Lake Bogoria is a Ramsar site within Lake Bogoria National Reserve located in Baringo County in Kenya and while at this destination Flocks of flamingoes numbering in hundreds may be seen in long, curving flight formations and in wading groups along the shore.

Large flocks of flamingos move northwards to Lake Bogoria When the water levels are low as of the fact that the lake is shallow-about 10m in depth and covering about 34 square kilometers, with a width of about 4km wide and a drainage basin of 700 square kilometers the flamingoes have the chance to easily feed on the fish in the waters.

The lake is so attractive most especially when viewing it from a far the lesser flamingos cover the lake to seem as if it is pink in color yet when one gets so close this is when they get to realize that it’s the flamingoes allover.

Lake Bogoria is best visited during the long dry season between the months of July to October because during the rainy season, flooding increases the water levels in the lake and this contaminates the salinity of the alkaline lake, making the lake murky hence tumbling the lavishness of food base and as of this, the large statistics of flamingos for which the lake is known may not be present.

Flamingo safaris in Kenya
Flamingo safaris in Kenya

Lake Bogoria remains a better option for continuous cinematography and safari experiences of flamingoes in the entire Kenya despite of the fact that flamingo watching can still be done in other destinations in Kenya such as Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha.

A flamingo safari can be arranged for all those that are interested to carry it out through Focus East Africa Tours who are ready to make sure that you have the best time of flamingo safaris in Kenya as you as well get to explore the republic of Congo deeper than before.

Once the flamingo safari is done Focus East Africa Tours can still arrange for you to be able visit other destinations in Kenya so as to have a deeper venture through the country and all these can be arranged for you right from transportation, selection of destination and accommodation all at a cost and all left is for you to just sit back and enjoy the season of adventure in Kenya.

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