Entebbe International Airport : Entebbe international airport is known to as the main international gateway to Uganda and it is located in Entebbe town in a distance of about 40 kilometers from the Southwest of Kampala city, which is considered and famously known as the capital city of Uganda, and it stands at an elevated area of about 1,153 meters above the sea level. The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority operates Entebbe International Airport. More so, this airport plays a main role of facilitating both international flights and domestic flights. In addition, below is a comprehensive overview about Entebbe international airport and with this we shall delve more into about its history, services, significance and its facilities.

Entebbe International Airport
Uganda Airlines

Entebbe international airport has a rich history whereby it was originally established by the colonial authorities and used as a hub for the imperial airways in 1936 and then later in 1951, they underwent several expansion due to its facilities, which lead to a big development, and eventually it was transitioned into a civilian airport. more so, Entebbe International Airport was featured in the popular Hollywood movie ‘7 days in Entebbe,’ which tells the 1976 hijacking event that took place at the airport, where Air France flight 139 was hijacked by Arab-German terrorists. Then one of the most notable events to know in the airport’s history occurred in 1976 when Israeli commandos carried out a daring rescue mission to free hostages held at the airport’s old terminal. The successful operation, known as Operation Entebbe, is widely regarded as one of the most remarkable feats in military history.

Entebbe international airport serves as a hub for Eagle Air and Uganda Airlines, which are the country’s main airline carriers. In addition, Travelers may find it important that Eagle Air operates regional scheduled services and charter flights across East and Central Africa; with its second hub at Arua Airport, which is located within in the northern part of the country. Therefore, for individuals that would love to travel within different areas of this country, using Eagle Air would be the best option to go for.

Entebbe international airport has modern infrastructure, which meets the needs of both passengers and airline for example; there are two terminals such as the old terminal, which purposely handles domestic flights and some of the regional flights, and then the newer terminal that is only dedicated to handling international flights. The Newer terminal was is a state of the art facility, which was well designed and officially opened in 2007 in order to enhance the overall passenger’s experience.

More so, this terminal features spacious departures, multiple check in counters, arrival halls, lounges where people can opt to stay and many duty-free shops where individuals can visit and buy some of the essentials they need.

Entebbe Airport is known to have been going through renovation works, which are expected to be completed in 2035. However, travelers are able to access any part of the airport as soon as they arrive. In addition, the most interesting thing to known is that the airport has the capacity to handle a number of over 1,840,264 passengers using the airport.

The airport’s runway is 3,658 meters long and can accommodate a reasonable number of large, medium and small size aircrafts. Travelers arriving at the airport will be blessed with stunning views of the beautiful scenery at the airport as you land because the airport is situated near the shores of Lake Victoria, thereby pleasuring new arrivals into Uganda with the scenic beauty of the lake and its surroundings. Visitors can also have a clear view of the airport’s runway and Entebbe town, from a bird’s eye view as soon as they are landing.

Facilities offered at Entebbe International Airport.
Individuals have great opportunities of accessing a number of services and facilities while at the Entebbe International Airport hence, which makes them comfortable, and feel at home as soon as they arrive in Uganda. and some of these include; restaurants which serve guests with delicious dishes such as; international and local dishes, banks, forex bureau which enables travelers to change money, a left luggage office, fully functional automated teller machines and many others.

Airport Transportation.
There are plenty of airport taxis stationed outside the arrival terminals of Entebbe Airport and visitors can hire these taxis to transport you to your hotels in Entebbe or Kampala City. The taxis have fully operating meters, so you do not have to worry about being cheated when paying your fare.

Passenger Airlines serving Entebbe International Airport.
Passenger Airlines operating scheduled flights to Entebbe Airport include; Aerolink Uganda, Air Tanzania, Eagle Air, Airlink, Brussels Airlines, Egypt Air, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Fly Dubai, Precision Air, KLM, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, Rwanda Air, Jambojet, Fly-SAX, Turkish Airlines and Uganda Airlines.

Entebbe International Airport
Ethiopian Airlines

Things to known when booking a flight in Uganda.
Below are some of the things Visitors should note when planning to book your air tickets for flights to Uganda;

  • In case visitors wish to fly to destinations within Uganda, it is advisable to use Areolink or Eagle Air as your domestic flight options.
  • Eagle Air has scheduled and charter flights to Apoka, Pakuba in Murchison Falls National Park, Ishasha and Mweya in
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kasese district, Kisoro district, Semiliki near Semliki National Park, Soroti district, Arua and Yei districts in Uganda.
  • Aerolink Uganda has scheduled flights to Masai Mara in Kenya, Kisumu, Bugungu, Chobe, Kasese, Kidepo Valley National Park, Kihihi, Kisoro, Mweya, Pakuba and Semliki. Do contact your trusted tour operator in case of any inquires and also get the best deals for your Uganda Safari.
  • Brussels Airlines has inbound flights from Brussels to Entebbe with a stopover in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • KLM also has some inbound flights from Amsterdam to Entebbe with a stopover in Kigali. It is important that you check with your travel agent in case you wish to board a direct flight to Entebbe Airport.
  • Visitors using Turkish Airlines can board inbound flights from Istanbul in Turkey to Entebbe Airport with a stop in Kigali International Airport, Rwanda.

Requirements for entry in Entebbe International Airport.
It is important for visitors travelling to Entebbe Airport to take note of the following MUST haves in order to be granted access into Uganda.

  • A valid Uganda Tourist Visa which you can acquire for 50 USD, valid for 30 days. Alternatively, you can apply for an East African Tourist Visa at a fee of 100 USD, which is valid for 90 days and will grant you multiple entry into Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.
  • A valid passport (Must be at least 6 months valid).
  • Medical Insurance and endeavor to make sure that your medical insurance plan provides coverage overseas.
  • A valid yellow fever card

Cargo Operations.
Apart from the passenger services, Entebbe International Airport also plays a vital role into the cargo transportation for example; this airport has dedicated cargo facilities and many warehouses that are specifically to manage the import and export of the good. More so, cargo planes in the country transport a variety of products such as; flowers, vegetables and many other perishable items.

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