Deep sea fishing is done in the waters of the Kenyan coast during the period of October to April that’s the best period where the tourists are expected to do best deep sea fishing safari, the activity is suitable for the guests staying within and around the Lamu Archipelago, Diani Beach or Mombasa, but the activity is done for both the international and local tourists. Though the coastline boasts abundance of the little fish and huge fish predators like the kingfish, massive tiger sharks and wahoo, which are so dangerous like the big cats found in the various wildlife sanctuaries do not miss out the deep sea fishing to get the magnificent moments ever in Kenya, the Kenya coastal waters are such amazing that is the waters do house the world’s most elusive member of the billfish, that is the nocturnal broadbill sword fish and the gorgeous sail fish.

The Kenya coast is ultimate safari destination for the big game fish that challenges even the most experienced angler’s skills but there is also plenty of fun to be had by the beginners who want a high-energy beach vacation on the Indian Ocean with which gives you the best multi-day deep sea fishing excursion at the coast of Kenya, like Watamu, Chale island, Lamu island, Malindi island and among others.

Deep Sea Fishing in Kenya

Kenya is the most incredible no matter the period you have visited the country, still it gives you the chance to catch the world-record-size giant trevally, king fish, barracuda and among others as and the fastest fish species in the ocean includes the sailfish, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, marlins and among on your deep sea fishing safari in Kenya you explore all the fish species in the Indian ocean, including the venturing out on multi-day excursions to face the most strongest fighting fish species in Kenyan waters called the broadbill swordfish.

Deep sea fishing methods.

Long line fishing.

Longline fishing is a commercial fishing technique, it uses along line known as the main line this can be baited hooks attached at intervals by means of branch lines called snoods. The longlines are known as always spread in the water column either at the surface or at the column, here the many hooks can be hang using the same line. The longlines here the fishing vessels rigged for the longlining usually here tourists can get the swordfish, tuna, halibut, sablefish and among other many fish species.

Mid water trawling.

Midwater trawling is done usually at the depth that is higher in the water column of the ocean, it is contrasted with bottom trawling, in the mid water trawling them use a cone-shaped net can be towed behind a single boat and spread by the trawl doors. The mid water trawling can be used to catch the pelagic fish like anchovies, shrimp, tuna, mackerel and among others while the bottom trawling also bases both the bottom living fish and the semi-pelagic fish like squid, halibut, rock fish, cod and among others.

Purse Seiner/Seine-haul fishing/ Seine fishing.

This is the method of fishing that employs a fishing net, known as the seine which hangs vertically in the water with its bottom edge held down by weights and its tops edge buoyed by the floats, the seine nets can be deployed from the shore as the beach seine from a boat. The seine nets are two types that is the purse seines and the Danish seines.

Deep Sea Fishing in Kenya
Deep Sea Fishing in Kenya

Best time for deep sea fishing in Kenya.

Deep sea fishing in Kenya is the best ideal on a safari that is the activity is done throughout the year, but though there are two distinct seasons for the deep sea fishing that is Yellow fin Tuna Season that starts from August through towards the end of October, here this is the right and the best time as a tourist can be sure to catch the heaps of tuna and wahoo during the deep sea fishing activity, while as well as the triggers Marlin season this is the second in the deep sea fishing juncture that runs from December to the mid-March, if a tourist is a after the sailfish and marlin then the second season is very awesome for the Kenya safari activity and the ideal time.

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