Common questions about safaris in east Africa : Because of their popularity, the East African safaris are some of the most sought after safaris whole year round by travellers. Blame it on the diversity wildlife in the region ranging from mountain gorillas, chimpanzees ,  the big five, lions, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos and elephants and many other animals. The wild also hosts birds like the Albertine birds, African eagle, shoe bill stork and others. The East African region has perfect sceneries from mountain ranges to assorted vegetation to water bodies the list is endless. When we talk community diversity the region has more than 100 tribes and cultures that live your jaw dropping. That’s why; all tourists yearn for that chance to visit this wonderful region for a taste of their diverse tourism attractions.

The East African region is made up of countries Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. For purposes of this article we shall focus on only Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. So help below are some of the common questions about safaris in these five East African countries.

What is the Best Safari Time in the region?

All year round; you can have a memorable safari anytime you chose to visit East Africa. Definitely the holiday’s seasons are peak times but also months January, February and March, June, July and August are usually dry so most people tend to visit the region then.

Can I Customize My Safari Itinerary?

Absolutely you can; just have a chat with your tour consultant to lock in details of what you want your safari to look like based on your budget and preferences.

Are safaris safe?

Yes, safaris are safe. Its true, there have been some incidents of attack on tourists but those are very few and the different EA governments keep working with security organs to ensure you and the wildlife are safe at all times.

Common questions about safaris in east Africa
Game Drives

Can I Drive Myself On Safari?

Yes, you! There are a lot of self-drive safaris on the market that you can choose from. However we advise you use a local driver and guide on your safari; because they know the place well, its saves you a lot of time and resources.

Are Children Allowed On Safari

Yes, you can surely bring your children with you on safari atleast 70% of the safari activities in the region can accommodate children – things like game drives, birding, nature walks and others. The other 30% like mountain gorilla trekking, mountain hiking, chimpanzee trekking and others don’t accommodate anyone below 15 years of age. This means as you carry your child for safari, you may also have to fore go some safari activities.

Are There Any Medical Precautions?

Not necessarily we would say, but if you suffer from allergies or any other medical condition that is triggered by anything in nature kindly consult with your tour consultant and physician to advise you on the medical precautions to take.

The other thing is, East Africa is a tropical region so insect and mosquitos’ bites are common. Please stay at accommodation facilities with insect repellents and you too, use insect repellents as you travel.

Do I need travel insurance?

You do need travel insurance. We think it’s just prudent for you to travel with travel insurance in case of anything; the insurance comes in handy .

Is there electricity in East Africa?

Yes there is electricity in East Africa and at all safari destinations. Be rest assured you will not be in the dark while you visit the beautiful region of East Africa.

Is there wifi at the hotels?

Unless otherwise, we are certain all safari accommodation facilities in the region have wifi, that you can use to stay online and in touch with your loved ones.

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