Clothes to pack for a safari : Are you packing for a safari and you are not sure what clothes  to put in that suitcase and what to leave? Let’s help you get the right thing in. Planning a safari is one thing, and then the time comes for you to go for the East Africa safari you have to pack everything you need to have a successful safari. But what does that mean?

Its means to get every documents, gadgets, footwear, creams, medicines etc that you will need to for the duration of the safari. However the most common and most important thing is the clothing.

Clothes are definitely a must in that suitcase or else what will you wear when going around on that safari. East Africa is known to be quite warm and hot most times, but don’t be fooled this beautiful regions also has some spells of the cold so plan to carry moderate weather clothing not too light to make it cold for you and not too heavy to inflict heat on you.

However you should know that most peak safari seasons are during the really dry seasons so really it’s the light clothing that works for that. To be on a safe side consult with your tour operator for guidance on what weather it will be when you arrive in East Africa.

When choosing colors consider dominant colors found in nature such as khaki, beige, light brown and olive green. Or even neutral, like shades of grey. Most animals will really not notice the color you are putting on because they are color blind but also if the colors you are wearing are too bright the animals may be irritated or the bright colors may make you attractive to the animals and they will come to you which may never end well.

On that note also avoid strong patterns, camouflage, and extravagant outfits among other things.

If you trekking the gorillas or going in an area with insects refrain from shades of blue  and black as they attract insects mostly tsetse flies.  Also long-sleeved cotton shirts and trousers are good and they will keep you cool while also protecting you from the sun and from insects.

If you are going for adventurous activities shorts or trousers are more practical than dresses and skirts.

During the rainy seasons the mornings and evenings can be cold so pack both warm and cool clothing that you can layer, including a fleece or warm raincoat. A lightweight waterproof jacket is always a good idea. Add on a scarf or buff as sun protection and will also help to fight a chill.

Clothes to pack for a safari
Clothes to pack for a safari

For footwear think closed, comfortable walking shoes for guided nature walks and hiking boots for the jungle, mountain gorilla trekking, hiking among other things. Trainers are perfect for getting around.

Carry some casual clothes for the off days and remember shades and hats for the sun.  If you are doing water activities like swimming, white water rafting, water canoeing etc plan for swimwear and most probably wraps or cover-ups Flip-flops or sandals are handy for walking around camp.

For ladies taking on the adventures sports bras are very useful.

Socks and gloves and a beanie or woolen hat can help on the cold.

Mainly that’s it and your tour operator can advise further on the things you need in your suitcase.

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