Camping in Tsavo National Park : Opting for a camping safari is one of the best ways to enjoy the best of Tsavo National park. Both Tsavo East national park and Tsavo West national park are amazing parks for camping safari all year round but obviously dry season is always the best for camping when the camping grounds are dry unlike in rainy season when the grounds are wet and not favorable for camping. Both Tsavo east and Tsavo west combined together occupy a land area of approximately 23,000 Square Kilometers making it the largest protected area in Kenya. The park is famous for the existence of Man Eating lions and the red dusky elephants. Apart from these, the park is very rich in wildlife though it is one of the least visited thus never crowded unlike the Maasai mara national reserve which is the top visited safari destination in Kenya.

Taking on a camping safari is one of the budget friendly way to explore Tsavo national park though it is as well a fun filled experience for an African safari.

While planning your next camping safari to Tsavo national park, you may choose to carry own camping equipment or opt to hire them in Kenya. There are some good companies that hire camping equipment including tents, sleeping bags, campsite chairs, a chef and any other thing needed during your camping. There are as well some lodges which offers camping at affordable prices.

Tourists have an opportunity to choose whether they wish to camp in public campsites or private campsites. Some campsites have shared bathrooms while some are strictly private.

There are also some permanent tents strategically positioned in a way that tourists can spot animals at the comfort of their balcony. These camps are situated along the trails, raised hills, rocks, and any other stunning location that offers the best views of the animals in the park.

Camping In Tsavo National Park
Camping In Tsavo National Park

While on a camping safari, tourists are blessed to arise on the beautiful sounds of the little birds singing sweet melodies and the calm ambiance of the beautiful savanna of Tsavo national park as the King of the Jungle is busy on a hunter for the next meal. You will listen to their roaring sounds even before spotting your eyes on them.

All the campsites in Tsavo national park are easy to access and in most cases all the public campsites are located closer to the entrance gates or just near the park headquarters where they are easily guarded all night to ensure the safety and security of all tourist on safari.

Most of the campsites in Tsavo national park are managed by Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) thus can easily be book through them though tourists can as well travel to the park headquarters and be able to make their bookings there provided there is availability.

Opting for a public campsite implies that you will be sharing most of the amenities with other campers such as toilets, bathrooms but the good thing with public campsites is that you may not need to book in advance.

The most famous public campsite in Tsavo national park is Ndolo which is used by the tourists opting to camp in Tsavo East National park. Ndolo campsite can be accessed easily via Voi entrance gate. Ndolo Campsite has space and as well has some permanent tents where tourists can spend their nights. Ndolo Campsite has some amenities including Restaurants, Bar, Camp fire area, flashing toilet (Both private and Public). Ndolo campsite enables tourists to enjoy spectaculars views of the Mzima springs and many other attractions of the park.

Camping In Tsavo National Park
Ndolo campsite

On the other hand, for tourists who wish to reside in private campsites are entitled to booking in advance in order to secure their space. There is always a nonrefundable booking fee paid to ensure that your space is reserved since private campsites always have small spaces. Most of the private campsites are fully equipped with almost all amenities and are in good shape unlike for public camping.

While at the campsites, tourists are rewarded with beautiful nature and the stars in the skies as they enjoy the warmth from the set campfire before finally retiring in your tent for a night rest in the wilderness of Tsavo national park Kenya enjoying the fresh air away from the polluted city of Nairobi.

Trust me as you close your eyes to sleep, you will realize that its already morning and wonder how fast the night ended but well that’s the beauty of camping in nature as you wake to the singing birds, roaring lions and beautiful nature all surrounding you.

The best thing with camping is that you are already in the wild with animals thus may choose to prolong your sleep or get up and be ready for the day’s adventure depending on your travel itinerary.

“Let us plan your next camping safari to Tsavo national park Kenya. We offer more safari to various East African countries including the rest of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and DRCongo.”

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