Boat cruise safaris in Kenya are one of the best and unique activities that tourists can opt to go for while in the country because it is always one of the best ways to explore through the diverse landscapes, cultures and wildlife. More so, boat cruises are best done across the stunning coastline along the Indian Ocean, numerous lakes, and on the meandering rivers. In addition, this country provides a variety of great opportunities for boat cruises and cater for different interests and preferences of many individuals. Therefore, in the context below we will delve into the most prominent boat cruises safaris in Kenya while highlighting about each of these destinations, wildlife encounters and all the cultural experiences that tourists should be aware to expect.

Lake Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha is considered most popular fresh water lake, which is a seen as a prime destination for boat cruises activities. and is located in Nakuru county lying within the Northwest of Nairobi and it is also part the Great rift valley covering a total surface  area of about 139 square kilometers and situated in on a surface elevation of 1,888 meters above the sea level and it flows through other fresh water bodies such as; Gilgil River and Malewa River. Lake Naivasha has its sterling blue waters and a boat cruise on this lake always blesses tourists with chances to get close to animal species such as; hippos and bird species like; African fish eagles, cormorants, pelicans among others. They also get to overlook at other wildlife species such as; giraffes, antelopes, zebras, along the lake shores as they graze. More so, individuals on this lake can also get opportunities to visit Crescent Island sanctuary, which is situated, on the eastern side of the lake and it is considered another attraction, which can be easily accessed by boat.

Lake Baringo.

Lake Baringo is an avian paradise, which is considered one of the northern Kenyan rift valley lakes, which covers a total surface area of about 168 square kilometers and stands at an elevated area of about 970 meters. In addition, it is seen as a perfect destination where to go while on a boat cruise safari in the country. More so, around this lake, there many other major attractions, which provide tourists with a good experience, for example; there many other islands found on this lake where to visit such as; Ol Kokwe island, Rongena island, Lokoros island and Olkokwa among others. and exploring around these lakes islands and shoreline, it gives tourists chances to encounter with fish species like; Marbled lung fish and other mammal species such as; hippos, crocodiles among others.

Boat Cruise Safaris In Kenya
Lake Baringo

Lake Turkana.

Lake Turkana is commonly referred to as a Jade sea or Lake Rudolf is located in the northern region of Kenya and is considered as the largest desert lake in the whole world covering a total surface area of about 6,405 square kilometers (290 meters). Lake Turkana is ranked as a remote and wild destination, which is best for adventurous boat cruise safaris. More so, this lake is famously known for its harsh and barren beautiful landscapes and for being one of the most saline lakes in Africa, which act as outstanding laboratories for the plant and animal study. This lake also serves as breeding ground for the Nile crocodiles, hippos and other a variety of venomous snake species.

Exploring on Lake Turkana on launch trips blesses tourists to go through many islands such as; the central islands which is known to be a volcanic paradise with scenic craters and hot springs. More so, they can get opportunities to interact with the Turkana local people and get to learn more about their nomadic way of life and there are other several tribes, which stay along the lakeshores, therefore this will give tourists to also learn more about their traditions and customs hence providing a glimpse into this country’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are more destinations in Kenya that are perfect for boat cruise safaris and some of these include; Lamu Archipelago which is seen as a tropical paradise that can be best be explored by boat, the Indian Ocean coast, Lake Victoria, Samburu region where boat cruises are best done along the Ewaso Nyiro river, Lake Nakuru which is also famously known for its flamingo population and many others.

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