Birding in Nyerere National Park : Nyerere national park is one of the great bird watching destinations in Kenya known for hosting a huge population of birds, the now largest national park in Africa and one of the biggest in the world is found in the southern circuit of Tanzania.

Nyerere national park span an area of about 30,893 square kilometers and is part of a much larger ecosystem which includes the bordering Selous Game Reserve in the Southern Tanzania. Nyerere national park is a birder’s haven hosting over 440 bird species hosted in various habitats and the common areas to see them include lagoons, River Rufiji, lakes and channels.

Birds in Nyerere national park

Nyerere national park hosts a wide range of bird species and these include mangrove kingfishers, Boehm’s bee-eater, Livingstone’s  flycatcher, green-caped eremomela, yellow-bellied bulbul, white helmet shrikes, wattle eyed flycatcher, red throated twin spot, grey-hooded kingfisher, black cuckoo-shrike, African skimmer, red-winged warbler, spotted flanked barbet, red-billed helmetshrike, pearl-spotted owl, palm-nut vulture, broad-billed roller, von Decken’s hornbill, red throated twinspot, Layard’s black-headed weavers, grey Penduline, purple banded sunbird, African spoonbill, brown necked parrot, Racket-tailed roller, Thick billed cuckoo, white backed vulture, white headed lapwing, Pel’s fishing owl, Dickinson’s Kestrel, brown headed parrot and the Rock pranticole among others.

Best time for birding in Nyerere National Park

Birding in Nyerere National Park
Layard’s black-headed weavers

Nyerere national is one of the best destinations for birding safaris in Tanzania, birds in Nyerere can be seen all throughout the year however the best time to for birding is during the rainy season which starts in November lasting till April. In this period, migratory birds start flying into Nyerere national park from Europe and Northern parts of Africa. What makes the wet season the best time to see the birds is that you get to catch both the resident bird species and the migratory species, the resident birds also start nestling in the month of April.

Note: in the month of April, heavy rainfall is received and the area is expected to flood, this means that most of accommodation facilities close due to the floods. However birds are best seen with their young ones in this time of the year.

What you need for birding safari in Nyerere national park

As you plan to visit Nyerere national park for birding safari, you will need the right equipments to have a perfect birding experience. Birding is a simple activity which does not need a lot of items but requires the right equipments and they are as follows

Binoculars – Binoculars are the right equipments you need to enjoy birding in Nyerere national park, with binoculars you are able to identify the different bird species from a distance.

Many birds do not like being observed at a close range and once they notice that they are being watched, they are forced to fly away and this is where the binoculars are helpful.

A pair of binoculars will help you to observe birds from far and the birds that are hidden away on the trees, there are different types of binoculars on the market and the best binoculars to get are the one that are adjustable for a perfect birding excursion.

Hiking boots – On a birding safari in Nyerere national park, you will need a good pair of hiking boots as they are very helpful with navigating the muddy and slippery trails.

Food and Water – Birding experience is done in the wild and remote areas since birds tend to stay away far from people as much as possible, therefore you need to carry enough snacks and water so that you do not get hungry during the experience.

Insect repellent – Birds are found in forests and grasslands which are notorious breeding habitats for many biting insects such as mosquitoes and tsetse flies. In order to enjoy a hustle free birding experience, you need to carry insect repellent to protect you from insect bites.

Hides – During Tanzania birding safari, the hides help you to approach the shy birds without being easily spotted, several birds fly away once they realize they are being watched or of one is approaching them, they fly away and this is where the hides are useful.

Portable Voice Recorders – Some of the birds in Nyerere national park are easily identified by the sounds and call signs that they make, carrying a portable voice recorder will help you identify the different bird species easily.

A camera – A camera is a crucial tool when birding as it helps you capture and keep the beautiful memories of the birds, with beautiful pictures and videos, you will have what to show to your friends and family when you go back home.

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