Best Tourist Destinations in East Africa : East Africa is a beautiful place with wonderful nature and amazing destinations that will attract many numbers of people to travel from all the parts of the world. Therefore, this makes East Africa to be highly considered as the most tourism destination in Africa. There are a plenty of tourist attractions in the East African countries like; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda and some of these attractions include; the beautiful climate, amazing different cultures that it is always interesting for tourists to visit as many of these cultural groups, capital cities, monuments and museums. More so, the most major tourist attraction that has even contributed a lot to the tourism development in these countries is the wildlife species such as; buffaloes, hippos, giraffes, African elephants, leopards, lions, zebras, monkeys, chimpanzees, mountain gorillas and bird species among others, that are always easily spotted within different national parks and game reserves of these countries.

However, tourists should not that all these East African countries have unique tourism attractions and different activities that one can engage in and they enjoy to their satisfaction. Therefore, the best tourist destinations in East Africa are normally national parks because many tourists who travel always their big interest in seeing the beautiful wildlife species. These destinations include;

Best tourist destinations in Uganda.

Murchison falls national park.

Murchison falls national park is known as the largest national park in Uganda covering a total surface area of about 3,840 square kilometers and it is located in Masindi district in the northern part of the country. This park derived its name from the Murchison falls.  Tourists visiting in Murchison falls national park will have a thrilling and exciting experience whereby they will be able to explore through all the beautiful natures and have great opportunities to sight see many wildlife species due to the fact that this park is a home to over 76 mammal species such as; antelopes, duikers, giraffes, elands, hippos, bush elephants, lions, Nile crocodiles, and  it also harbours around 400 bird species such as; the rare shoebill stork, giant king fisher, the African darter, long-toed lapwing and many more. There are also other various attractions that attract tourists to the park such as; Karuma falls, River Nile, Rabongo forest, Kaniyio pabidi forest, paraa, Lake Albert, the Nile Delta, and the Murchison falls.

More so, Murchison falls national park also offers its visitors with chances to engage in several activities which helps them explore more through the park for example; hiking and guided nature walks through the Kaniyo pabidi forest and the Rabongo forest, hot air balloon which enables tourists to capture classic views of the park from the sky, boat cruise on the river Nile, cultural encounters where they visit the Mubako community and the Boomu women’s group, sport fishing, bird watching and many others.

Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is the 2nd largest national park in Uganda covering a total surface area of 1980 square kilometers. This national park was first known as Kazinga channel in 1952 and later it was renamed to Queen Elizabeth national park after the visit of the Queen of England.  Queen Elizabeth national park is most visited because of its tree climbing lions which are easily spotted within the ishasha sector  and it also harbours other numerous wildlife species such as; elephants, buffaloes, and hippos, lions, flamingoes among others.

Murchison falls national park is also surrounded by other volcanic creatures like; beautiful crater lakes, volcanic cranes, deep craters, volcanic canes, and many more. More so, this park has more amazing attractions that attract big numbers of people such as; Kazinga channel, Lake Katwe, Lake George and Lake Katwe explosion craters.  Hence, visiting this park gets more exciting whereby individuals get chances of participating in different activities such as; chimpanzee trekking in kalenju forest, lion tracking, bird watching, game viewing, and hot air balloons among others.

Best tourist destinations in Kenya.

Lake Nakuru national park.

Best Tourist Destinations in East Africa
Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru is ranked among the best tourist destinations in Africa.  Tourists on a safari in East Africa should not miss out to visit Lake Nakuru national park. this park is famously known for harbouring a variety bird species and therefore it is considered as a paradise for bird lovers to visit due to the fact that will get chances of sightseeing many bird species such as flamingoes which can be easily spotted along the shores of the lakes while they feed on the algae that is always found on the shores. These flamingoes look stunning and beautiful while on the lake because they are of different colors such a; white and pink and they can also be spotted on Lake Manyara national park. However, Lake Nakuru national park does not only harbor flamingoes but it is also a home to other wildlife species like; lions, hippos, leopards, baboons, wildebeest and many others.

Masai Mara National reserve.

Masai Mara national reserve is the top tourist destination in Kenya that attracts large numbers of people. This reserve is a home to various wildlife species including the big five animals such as; Buffaloes, the African elephant, Rhinoceros, lions and leopards among others. more so, it is a good destination for bird lovers to visit due to the fact that it harbours over 500 bird species  such as; the white tailed kite, vultures, black kite, the merlin, ostriches, Marabou storks, long crested eagles many more. there are other species that can be spotted like; lizards, tortoises, terrapins, afro-tropical  ground gecko, black- necked splitting cobra, forest cobra, frogs,  red banned rubber frog, tortoises  and many  more.

More so, the Masai mara region is also a good place to visit because it gives you chances to visit the Masai community and get to learn more about the Masai people.

Best destinations in Rwanda.

Rwanda as a country it has many tourist attractions for example it is a home to over 8 virunga mountains such as; Mount Muhabura, mount Gahinga, mount Sabyinyo, mount Bisoke, mount Karisimbi and many others but it has other major tourists destinations that attract many people like;

Volcanoes National park.

Volcanoes national park is the best destination that is commonly visited for Rwanda Gorilla tours.  It is a home to various numbers of mountain gorillas and these mountain gorilla families include; Karisimbi gorilla family, Amahoro gorilla family and Susa gorilla families and many more. While tourists are visiting these gorilla families, they get to learn about their behaviours like; how they eat and their daily lifestyle routine.

Tourists visiting the Volcanoes National park can also get a chance to visit the Dian fossey grave, which is now considered as a pillar of tourism in the country. Dian fossey is known as an American primatologist who worked hard against poaching activities that were being carried out within the national park. more so, tourists having there safari in Volcanoes national park have great opportunities to engage in chimpanzee trekking and  Rwanda golden monkey trekking that are easily spotted within the Bamboo tress and they can also be trekked from other national parks like; kibale national park and Virunga national park.

Best tourist destinations in Tanzania.

Serengeti National park.

Serengeti national park is a major tourists attraction in Tanzania whereby visitors in this park are always blessed with beautiful views of mountain Kilimanjaro and it is also known as a perfect destination for bird lovers to visit due to the fact that it harbours plenty numbers of bird species such as; pelicans, and flamingoes that considered to be large in numbers and this helps in modifying the beautiful scenery of the park. More so, tourists visiting in Serengeti national park also are always different activities which they can engage in to help them explore and have a great experience during their stay within the park for example; hot air balloon safaris which help them to capture memorable views of the hole park at large in an aerial view and during this moment, tourists can always use their phones and cameras to take pictures and videos of the amaizing nature to show people back at home.

However, apart from the mentioned, there are other many more best tourist destinations that tourists can check out on their safari in East Africa for example; kibale national park and Bwindi Impenetrable national park in Uganda and Zanzibar island, Ngorongoro conservation area, mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, watamu and Amboseli national park in Kenya and Nyungwe national park in Rwanda among others.

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