Best Time to Visit Tanzania  : Tanzania is the best safari destination to be explored by the various tourists who come to the country. Tanzania is located in the East Africa, before anything when you are planning a safari to Tanzania it’s necessary to know the best time to visit the destination. Though all the time is best to visit Tanzania, but due to various activities that are done in the country they have got the different timings. So it’s necessary to first know the activity that you want to do in the country then you plan the  Tanzania Safaris Tours.

Best time to visit Tanzania.

Tanzania has got different types of seasons where the tourists visit the country that is the dry or peak season and the wet or rainy season depending on the safari activity that you want to carry out in the country, because one person’s best time can be another’s worst time in a safari.

Dry season/Peak season.

Though majorly Tanzania depends on wildlife safaris. And the time to visit Tanzania depends on the wildlife that you want to spot. Tanzania’s main highlight is the great migration around in Serengeti National Park, various people do flock in Serengeti between July and October, to witness themselves the large numbers of the wildebeest and the zebras and among other species like the Thomson’s gazelles, eland and among others. The wildebeest do cross Mara River which aids the tourists to spot them during their safari in the dry season.

Dry season in Tanzania is when the different national parks and reserves offers the best game viewing to  the tourists who visit the country, as this is the period when the animal species tends to be surrounding  the various water sources and holes in the parks while searching for the drinking water hence easy viewing. Again in the dry season that’s when the vegetation in the parks tends to be thin which makes the tourists to easily spot and sight many animal species in the parks like Tarangire national park, Katavi national park, Nyerere national park, Ruaha national park.

Tourists who happen the visit Tanzania during the dry season enjoy the richness of the country by seeing almost every kind of the wildlife in the national parks of the country. This makes the travelers to enjoy the best wildlife safari experience in Tanzania, because they get the experience of sighting the main highlight of the country’s attraction.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania
Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Rainy/Low season.

In Tanzania during the rainy season/green season takes place during the period of November and March, May, is much quieter, and as there are high chances of the rain shores. In Tanzania this is the perfect period of time for the bird lovers to visit the country. In the county it’s the fantastic time for the bird watching as the migratory species arrive in the country in their thousands and thousands of numbers.

During the wet season in Tanzania, that’s the breeding period when the bird species are very many in the various national parks and reserves in the country. Visitors enjoy watching the colorful and beautiful bird species in the country, as well with the help of the binoculars the bird lovers enjoy watching the far away bird species which makes their bird watching safari the most perfect one during a visit in Tanzania.

Tanzania explores the visitors to watch the large numbers of the great migration herds with their newly born calves, this is the amazing safari moments where the tourists gets the best safari experiences while watching the newly born wildebeest in their habitats.

Tourists who visit the country during the wet season, that’s the period when the various national parks in the country can be less crowded with the less tourists in the national parks. During the period the tourists explore themselves and feel independent in the national parks during the rainy season. There are also some advantages of the discounts on the accommodations during the rainy season, this is where the travers gets the chances of enjoying the less amounts in the best accommodations hence making them to save some money on their safari in Tanzania.

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