Best Time To Go On An East African Safari : East Africa is considered as one of the big parts found within the continent of Africa and it comprises of countries like; Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. In addition, for tourists planning to go on a safari in East Africa can always opt to travel at any time of the year and decide on which country they would love to visit depending on one’s personal interests, time and where it matches with their budget.

Best time to visit East Africa on a safari.

The dry season is considered as the best time tourists should visit in East Africa and this is between the drier months from June to October  when there happens to be less rainfalls as the national parks trails are always dry within this period of time, the weather always happens to be warm and sunny and there is a  short grass vegetation which helps tourists to have an excellent wildlife experience as they able to capture clear views of the wildlife species and the beautiful nature of physical features with all the attractions in the parks.  Therefore, before tourists travel, they should first be conscious of when to go in order to avoid the rainy seasons and in East Africa there are two rainy seasons which is always between months of April and May and also there are short rains that are received in months of November and March however, November is still considered to be among the best times to visit.

Uganda Safaris.

Uganda is one of the East African countries, which is well known to have a good warm climate due to its strategic location along the Equator line, and because it is situated on an elevation above the sea level, hence it provides twelve constant hours of day light on a daily basis. More so, the temperatures within this country always tend to be between 25-30 degrees throughout the year however, there are two distinct dry seasons, which are considered as the best time to visit the country and these, are between months of mid-December to February and from June to September. During this period there happens to be less rains and a short grass vegetation, which gives chances to individuals to tour around many places where they see many attractions and engage in several interesting activities where they learn and have a great Uganda safari experience.

Kenyan safaris.

Kenya as a country is also a good place to visit while on a safari in East Africa because it has a good climate and the best time to visit within this country is always, grest between months of June to October when the weather is always hot which blesses tourists to have a great game viewing experience. However, the rainy season is always between months of April and May when most of the places get closed due to the floods that come from the heavy rains and there is an also a shorter rainy season which is between November and December and the advantage is that during this period of time, most of the camps and lodges remain open. Therefore, for tourists planning to go on a safari in Kenya should first make enough research about the best time that is favourable for them to travel.

East African Safari vs South African Safari
East African Safari vs South African Safari

Best Time To Go On An East African Safari : Rwanda safaris.

Rwanda is also ranked to be an all year round destination and it is the smallest country in East Africa compared to other countries. The temperature in this country is good because it has a high altitude and located along the Equator line.  More so, the temperatures in Rwanda always drop during night and within the winter months but stay constant during the day hours whereby they remain around 25 degrees.

Best Time To Go On An East African Safari : Tanzania Safaris.

Tanzania is one of the fantastic tourist destinations in East Africa that can be visited at any time throughout the year and this country is known to have the perfect climate for relaxing whereby tourists can opt to chill and relax on the golden beaches where they enjoy capturing classic views of the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, frolicking in the turquoise blue ocean that is within the surrounding of Zanzibar. More so, the climate in this country gives tourists chances to engage in many tourist activities where they gain new experiences without any distractions.

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