Best Safari Destination for The Fruit Lovers : On the African safari, not only Uganda being the safari destination for game viewing, gorilla trekking, mountain climbing, chimpanzee trekking and among others. The pearl of Africa is the best tropical fruit lover destination for every tourist because the country has got the variety of fruits that are mouth watering. The pearl of Africa is the best safari for the foodie adventure’s delight. Uganda should be your first bucket list if you ever think of the fruits. Uganda is blessed with over 50 species of bananas, passion fruits, pineapples, mangoes, watermelons, jackfruits, avocadoes, Papayas citrus fruits, apples the list is endless.

Uganda is Africa’s fruit basket with the best fruit varieties that cannot be found elsewhere minus the pearl of Africa. On your safari to Uganda you will be excited by tasting on fruit varieties of Uganda that are health, fresh and very important to your body, the country has got the best avocados, green oranges and among many others. Uganda is the perfect destination where the fruit lovers should explore to have their sweet taste on the Ugandan fruits that are grown from the very fertile soils, plentiful rainfall and the warm climatic weather conditions that increases the natural sweet taste of the fruits.

Best Safari Destination for The Fruit Lovers
Best Safari Destination for The Fruit Lovers

Uganda is the fascinating and the best safari destination for the tourists who are looking for the fruit foodie adventure safari, the country explores the very flavorful, delicious fruits only are even beyond the country’s worth visiting by the tourists to the pearl of Africa. Even from the Winston’s Churchill wondered and wrote a book during 1908. ‘’My African journey’’ That Uganda is from the beginning to end, it’s one of the beautiful garden where the staple food can be grown without much implementation of the labour, that sounds as the unique paradise of the world hence ‘’pearl of Africa’’.

Uganda has got the various and plenty number of fruits everywhere that is from the main markets like Nakasero market, Owino market and among others where you find the fruits as they are on display, and even on your safari to Uganda you find the fruits on the road’s side wherever you go. As you find the pineapple, mango,  watermelons, sugarcane vendors with their wheelbarrows in every corner of the town in Uganda, as the women as carrying the baskets that are containing ready ripen and attractive yellow bananas as they are selling and packing them.

Uganda is so indeed the attractive safari destination for the fruit lovers where you throw the seed of the fruit or stem of the fruit somewhere with the favorable conditions, to support the fruit growth and you find after a short period of time like months on the ground and you find it bearing a other fruit the following day hence making the multiplication of the fruits in the country with in the shortest period of time. On your Africa’s tropical fruit basket safari select Uganda as your best destination, and come to enjoy the blissful moments of tasting yourself the amazing exquisite pineapple or bananas that rank among the best in the world, with the best exceptional taste that will make your safari the most rewarding one.

Uganda is known as the destination that as well do export of the well-known and tasty fruits to other outside countries to the East African countries as well as to the fur away countries like Europe, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Middle east and North Africa, Central Asia and among others, the country exports fruits like avocados, bananas, citrus fruits, passion fruits, mangoes, pineapples, and among many others.

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