Best Honeymoon Hotels in Tanzania : Tanzania is a country blessed with a large number of wildlife found within places of the country. There are different species of wild animals found in national park, game reserves, some of the available zoos, large water bodies for animals like dolphins, and all the available animal habitats. There are large national parks and game reserves, to mention a few there is Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Mikumi National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Ruaha National Park, meanwhile on the side of game reserves we do have Selous Game reserve, Moyowosi Game reserve, Kigosi Game Reserve, Usangu Game Reserve, and so forth.

The Golden Pigeon Hotel and Spa. Mwanza, Tanzania

This is a beautiful hotel with friendly atmosphere for all visitors. The hotel is located within the city center of Mwanza near Lake Victoria. Particularly there is delicious food of Fish species including Tilapia, Nile Perch and many more from Lake Victoria.   It’s one of the hotels to which you can stay for longer visit in Tanzania. You get lower prize of ($ 52) on selecting Golden Pigeon Hotel and Spa for staying. Rooms are decorated with special paintings, furniture and clean twin-beds for resting. Bars are there to give refreshment while taking honeymoon in the hotel. Large number of the tourists usually take this hotel for their vacation in Tanzania. The place is advantageous through you can take visit to Saanane Nation park, Mwanza port, Rock Beach Garden, and Sukuma Cultural Museum located few Kilometers away from the Hotel. It’s a great pleasure to stay in this hotel in northern lake zone of Tanzania.

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Tanzania
Golden Tulip Zanzibar Airport

Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city of Dar es salaam Tanzania. The hotel has a great regional and international profile for events and honeymoons. Modern stylish feature designs of the surrounding environment and professional world-class room bring vibes of staying at the place. There are excellent customer service, well-trained staff, and delicious food. Accommodation costs per day start from $227 for bed and breakfast. The hotel has a great location to which you can walk safely anywhere. Modern music is played in the bars and drink orders take fewer minutes before being delivered to the table. The atmosphere at Serena Hotel is peaceful and the garden field looks more attractive. This place is a fantastic and well-known luxurious hotel within the city of Dar es salaam, Best Honeymoon Hotels in Tanzania.

Golden Tulip Zanzibar Airport. Zanzibar town

This hotel is located within the business town area of Zanzibar. While at this Hotel you can have a wide option of peaking different recognized languages such as English, Italian, Hindi, French, and Swahili. The cost for accommodation service is $ 92 which is nearly affordable. The Hotel is neighbored by special places to which you can take just a few minutes to walk or drive like Zanzibar slave market (20 min drive), Zanzibar International Airport (2 min Drive), Old Fort (19 min drive), and MC Pippo Restaurant (10 min walk). The Hotel has a cool environment for taking a Honeymoon with romantic and unique featured rooms, pools, and Gift shops. Free Wi-Fi, morning breakfast ($15), and Bars are all available and easily accessible, Best Honeymoon Hotels in Tanzania.

Fun Retreat Resort, Hotel and Ayurveda Spa. Arusha

This hotel has a great designed garden, swimming pool, and fun water sports facilities. At the restaurant, you find all kinds of food for breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner serving both Africans and international visitors. There are nearby located supermarkets and shopping malls just a few distances from the hotel. The minimum accommodation fees are $ 121 with breakfast included. This hotel looks to be the best choice for honeymoon enjoyments.

Kilimanjaro wonders hotel. Moshi

This hotel is located in the northern part of Tanzania in Moshi, the distance is not more than 25 Kilometers (Km) from the hotel to Kilimanjaro mountain which is the highest mountain in Africa. Accommodation cost per day is $ 114. The hotel has a large and well-arranged room with air conditioners, free internet cable, and 32-Inches TV Screen. Kilimanjaro wonders Hotel is popularly known for its unique services of restaurants, outdoor swimming pool, bar, fitness center, and currency exchange for international visitors. The hotel is ranked to be the best for honeymoon enjoyments, Best Honeymoon Hotels in Tanzania.

Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro. Dar es Salaam

The location of this hotel makes it a wonderful and looks more attractive for Honeymoon Holiday. It’s located near Port of Dar es Salaam the largest Port in Tanzania and East Africa at Large.  Payment per daily accommodation is $ 191. The rooms are constantly maintained with service provision 24 hours, decorative features, air conditions, full amenities of safety, and free internet service. On arriving at the hotel, you find a friendly and warm reception which makes you feel connected with the place immediately at the start. There is plenty of lovely food in the restaurant and special drinks for everyone.

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Tanzania
Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam

Hotel blue sapphire. Dar es salaam  

The Hotel blue sapphire is located near Dar es Salaam International Airport and National Stadium in Tanzania. The hotel has a good location for relaxing moment during honeymoon. the hotel is positioned at a point where it is easier get transport to any place within the city. Accommodation fee is affordable ($ 73) daily with full service of room, breakfast and swimming pool.

Zan View Hotel. Zanzibar, Tanzania

This is the best hotel for private accommodation in Zanzibar. The cleanliness of the hotel gives a clean experience of the Zanzibar lifestyle. The hotel provides everything you demand on your honeymoon. The swimming pool, restaurant, beach and bar provide international taste. The average nightly Prices are ($ 86) only.

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