Best honeymoon destinations in Uganda: While planning to spicy up your love life after wedding in Uganda the pearl of Africa, in this article I have included the best  destinations that offer remarkable experience to the lovebirds on a getaway to spend time together, cherish each other and forget about all the world’s troubles and basically concentrate of LOVE. Trust me, every couple deserves a honeymoon after wedding and this is meant basically to ensure that the 2 people get to spend their own time away from home and relax while exploring lots of fascinating and breath taking attractions in the pearl of Africa that will help the love ones to keep lifetime memories throughout their marriage life.

What makes your honeymoon incredible is basically the choice of accommodations and Uganda is known to have the best accommodation facilities for the honeymoon safaris. We have been planning these honeymoon safaris to our clients for several years thus we have basically understood the art of ensuring that all our honeymooners get a life time experience during their honeymoon safaris in Uganda the pearl of Africa. The best destinations to explore during the your honeymoon safari in Uganda include Bwindi impenetrable national park, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Victoria, Jinja, Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park and many more.

Below are well selected accommodations in various safari destinations where tourists can enjoy their honeymoon adventure in Uganda;

Mweya safari lodge – Queen Elizabeth national park

Looking for a honeymoon destination In Uganda, then look no further than spending your nights at the oldest luxury lodge Mweya safari lodge situated in the heart of the stunning Queen Elizabeth national park. Mweya safari lodge is strategically located within the Mweya peninsular closer to Mweya Airstrip which is yet an added advantage for the honeymooners who choose to get to the park by air. While at Mweya safari lodge for your honeymoon safari in Queen Elizabeth national park, you will be rewarded by stunning views of the surrounding kazinga channel that connects Lake George to Lake Edward and is yet one of the major attractions of the park where the boat cruise is conducted amidst huge schools of Hippos and Nile crocodiles. The lodge as well offers views of the Peak of Rwenzori Mountains and sightings of several grazing animals within the park. Mweya safari lodge consists of luxurious cottages, tents, rooms and suites that all offer the best stay for you searching for a honeymoon safari. While in your cottages, be sure of the 100% privacy and comfort to enjoy your love life. Other options for honey moon destinations in Queen Elizabeth national park in the Elephant plains lodge, Ishasha wilderness camp and many more depending on your budget.

Best honeymoon destinations in Uganda
Mweya safari lodge

Chameleon Hill Lodge

While planning to spend your honeymoon in the far south western part of Uganda probably for mountain gorilla trekking, we got you the most stunning Chameleon Hill lodge. This lodge offers spectaculars views of the Beautiful rainforest, Lake Mutanda and all the surrounding attractions making your honeymoon safari so rewarding as you get carried away in the wilderness enjoying cool and fresh air away from the toxic cities. Chameleon hill lodge offers amazing and well prepared dishes and has comfortable rooms with en-suite bathroom with hot and cold water for showering. Privacy at Chameleon Hill Lodge is incredible as each room has a private verandah with sparkling views of wide-range of attractions.

Chobe safari lodge – Murchison falls national park

Just like Mweya safari lodge and Chameleon hill lodge, Chobe safari lodge is as well a breath-taking lodge suitable for your honeymoon safari in Uganda. Chobe safari lodge is strategically positioned in a way that tourists are able to have a view of Nile River just at the comfort of your balcony.  Chobe Safari lodge is one of the best luxury lodges in Murchison falls national park thus while at this lodge for your honeymoon, you will enjoy game drives, boat cruise, hot air balloon and many more that make your honeymoon adventure more fascinating and memorable.

Kyaninga lodge – Kibale forest national park

Primate lovers here is a great opportunity to spend your honeymoon in the beautiful Kyaninga lodge during your honeymoon safari in Uganda to Kibale forest national park. Kyaninga Lodge is situated closer to the Lake Kyaninga offering beautiful views of the rainforest of Kibale, the crater lakes and many other stunning attractions in the vicinity. The ambiance at the lodge is cool as you enjoy fresh air from the surrounding forest. Privacy is guaranteed while at the lodge so you got to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest.  However, Kyaninga lodge is not situated in the heart of Kibale forest national [ark like most of the luxury lodge though it is a few kilometers to the park thus honeymooners can get to participate in Chimpanzee trekking safari within Kibale forest national park.

Best honeymoon destinations in Uganda
Kyaninga lodge

Wild waters lodge – Kalangala Island, Lake Victoria

While planning to spend your Honeymoon along Lake Victoria, wild water lodge is the best place to spend your relaxed nights. The wild water lodge is situated on Kalangala Island in the center of Lake Vitoria one of the largest lake in Africa shared longest 3 east African countries including Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. During your honeymoon stay at Wild waters lodge, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the freshwater lake Victoria surrounding you, watch plenty of bird species and the beautiful vegetation on the Island to mention but a few. The meals at the lodge are excellent and the views are all rewarding.

Bird Nest Resort – Lake Bunyonyi

Probably you ought not to miss out on an adventure to Lake Bunyonyi and Bird nest resort got you covered as you spend you honeymoon at the shores of the Africa’s deepest Lake, Lake Bunyonyi which is yet crocodiles free and bilharzia free. This however doesn’t mean that you have to go swimming on this lake, No. however, during your stay at Bird Nest Resort, you will spend your honey moon enjoying the cool breath of the water, enjoying beautiful views of the rolling Kigezi hills, take on a canoe ride to explore various Islands along Lake Bunyonyi especially Akampene Island and many more.  Meals at Bird Nest are wonderfully prepared with both local cuisine and international cuisine to ensure that you eat exactly what you wish to eat.

Best honeymoon destinations in Uganda
Bird Nest Resort


Uganda the pearl of Africa is an incredible destination to visit during your next honeymoon safari. Planning to get married or marry soon, let us plan your honeymoon safari to Uganda the pearl of Africa. Uganda offer a lot to do and see during your honeymoon safari.

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