Best East African Country To Visit : East Africa is the combination of the various safari destinations that includes Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. When planning and preparing for the safari it becomes excellent if you consider the best country among the East African countries that you should explore in order to gain the best African safari experiences. Among all the East African countries Tanzania is the best destination to be explored in order to makes your safari dreams to become true.

Best East African country to visit.


Tanzania is the adventure tourism capital of East Africa compared to other safari destinations, Tanzania is the home to Mount Kilimanjaro, famous for the huge number of wildebeest, conservation and the diverse number of the national parks. All these attract large numbers of tourists worldwide to East Africa to see the most endless and beautiful wildlife in the wilderness. During the year 2021 in December Tanzania was rewarded a title known as ‘’Africa’s leading destination’’ as the reason being that the safari destination has got the large amounts of attractions surrounding the beautiful wildlife, beaches and all the luxury tourism all and among others are all found in the destination.

Home to the Serengeti National Park and the Great Wildebeest migration makes East Africa the iconic safari destination, Serengeti National Park do boast the big five mammals that includes the elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards and the buffalos and among many others. Tanzania is a destination blessed with the beautiful landscape that consists the open savannas, dense jungles and among many others that makes the various wildlife to sustain their lives.

Tanzania is the destination known as rich with the human history, that’s the birth place of the Swahili language, that is human culture might have originated from here  where some of the earliest human fossils have been found in the East Africa’s rocks.

Tanzania being the East African country, so the adventures whether you are looking for the spectacular wildlife, attractive cultural history, or the breathtaking scenery Tanzania makes your prayer the answered one with only the unforgettable safari experiences.

Tanzania has got the most beautiful wonders that towers the volcanoes, paradisiacal islands, variety of the animal species. Tanzania brings tourists together a diversity of the cultures and the natural treasures and Tanzania has got the island that neighbors it Zanzibar makes the country to be the top most tourist destination in the entire East Africa. That means that if you visit Tanzania on the East Africa safari that means that you have explored the entire East Africa, because the country boasts all the tourism that you expect to see in other East African countries Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Best East African Country To Visit
Best East African Country To Visit

Tanzania’s is best recognized of the northern safari circuit that includes Lake Manyara, the incredible Ngorongoro Crater Area, Serengeti National Park and among many others. Again the country has got the most fascinating sumptuous beaches along the Zanzibar Island to the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro which is the tallest mountain in the entire Africa.

Tanzania Wilderness.

 Tanzania’s famous Serengeti National Park is where more than a million of wildebeest and zebras and among other animal species stay in the park as they are after the fresh pastures and water that is known as the Great migration. But when it reaches at the certain period generally from the month of July to October the animals exist for a while due to the shortage of pastures and water. As they head across the northern border to Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya as this is what we call the Great migration which is among the seven natural wonders of the world.

Then from watching the original destination where Great migration begin Serengeti National Park, the tourists on the Tanzania safari can go to Ngorongoro crater area which is a different and impressive story with the diverse number of the animal species in the beautiful open landscape ranging from the giraffes, blue monkeys, waterbucks, black rhinoceroses and among others without forgetting the beautiful bird species. Ngorongoro crater area is such perfect place to explore on a Tanzania safari where it’s known as the world’s densest lions populations hence being named as the World Heritage Site.

When you explore the southern part of Tanzania it’s called Katavi National Park where the tourists can be able to spot the large numbers of elephants, cape buffalos and among others especially during the dry season that eases perfect spotting. Again that’s where the tourists can watch the large schools of hippo’s and crocodiles and together with river Rufigi that’s where tourists can watch the crocodiles and hippos.

Tanzania people.

Tanzania boasts with the large numbers of the ethnic groups that are over 120 and more languages through country is the most culturally diverse off the East Africa countries. Tanzania has got official languages that includes English and Swahili that unites everyone.

Endless adventure in Zanzibar.

Your Tanzania safari can be complete with a safari to Zanzibar and its spice islands. This is where the tourists can be highly welcomed by the coral, starfish in crystal-blue waters, with the continuous views of the streets of centuries-Old stone Town, while admiring the Arab-influenced architecture and among many others.

On a safari to Zanzibar you enjoy spotting the wildlife, then the island of Changuu teems with giant tortoises then islands of Pemba, Chumbe, Unguja gives you the opportunities of safari activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and among others in the Indian Ocean.

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