Beisa Oryx in Samburu National Reserve : Beisa Oryx is such a wonderful, beautiful and too attractive antelope with the grey coat and black and white stripes in Samburu National Reserve. This is such too gorgeous to the most of the tourists who carry out a Kenya safari. With the best feature is thin and with the ringed straight horns that is found in both of the sexes that is the females and males. The horns are too impressive which is not common in the other animal species, that is the horns are about 75 to 80 centimeters on the unique body which makes beisa Oryx the fully complete awesome animal specie  that can be spotted in Samburu National Reserve.

Samburu National Reserve is the leading tourism destination that is located in the Northern Kenya on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River to the south, which separates it from the Buffalo Springs National Reserve. Samburu National Reserve is the unique wildlife conservation known for the special or the rare animal species like Beisa Oryx, Reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, Gerenuk, Grevy zebra. Not only the special species, the reserve consists the big five mammals like the lions, buffalos, rhinos, elephants and leopards. Other animal species to be spotted in the reserve includes cheetahs, hyenas, olive baboons, impalas, gazelles, elands, warthogs and among others. The reserve as well is a birding haven that has the abundant bird species which are over 350 bird species including the Fischer’s starling, rosy-patched bush-shrike, vulturine guinea-fowl, Somali ostrich, chestnut weaver, acacia tit and among others.

Samburu national reserve not only being the best wildlife haven, but the reserve comprises of other conservancies and ranches like the West Gate community, Namunyak wildlife conservancy, Kalama conservancy and among others which describes it as the most popular destination in Kenya.

Beisa Oryx attraction in Samburu national reserve.

Beisa Oryx in Samburu National Reserve
Beisa Oryx

Beisa Oryx name is originated from the Oryx the Greek for gazelle or antelope and Beisa is from Beza (Amharic: an Ethiopian language from the Amhara district where this Oryx lives). Beisa Oryx is such impressive antelopes with the powerful physique and elegant markings set off by rapier-like horns that makes them to be special animal species.

Beisa Oryx are such are animal species that do survive in the dry harsh conditions, as these are amazing animal species that have the capacity of harnessing their ability to store the water in their bodies that raises their body temperatures to avoid perspiration among themselves. Beisa Oryx feeds on the grasses, buds, fruits, leaves and among others that sustain them to live in the dry conditions in the northern Kenya in Samburu National Reserve.

Beisa Oryx can be best spotted during the game drive safari in Samburu National reserve as these can be majorly seen in their herds of minimum numbers which gives the travelers the spectacular view and unique moments after spotting them. Like any other antelope outside their in the different national parks and reserves of Kenya. Beisa Oryx is the fastest animal specie as well. Beisa Oryx is such astonishing with the black linens streak across the Beisa Ory’s noise, forehead, and down its cheeks, creates a mask-like appearance over its otherwise white head. The black badges mark its forelegs and chest. The beisa is such attractive animal specie as these patterns accentuate the Oryx’s every movement and gesture and which has a big role in its social behavior.

These animal species do gather in the group of 5 to 40 herds, then while the females do always move in front, as the large male guarding from the rear. The Beisa Oryx do live in the proper and the responsible way of living.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red list of the threatened species the Beisa Oryx is ranked as the near threatened animal specie, that is most of the people practice poaching majorly for meat and hides of the Beisa Oryx, also most of the people encroach the inhabitants of Beisa Oryx in order to get enough land for settlement, farming are among the threats that contribute to the reduce on the numbers of Beisa Oryx.

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