Attractions In Tsavo East National Park : Tsavo East National park is located in the Southwestern region in Kenya near Taita-taveta county which is famously known to be the former province of the coastal province and it approximately about 233 kilometers Nairobi which is known to be the capital city of the country. This national park is considered the biggest national park compared to the other game parks in the country hence covering a total surface area of about 13,747 square kilometers and it is ranked to be among the oldest national parks in Kenya because it was established as a national park in 1948.

Tsavo East National park shares boarders with other countries like; Tanzania and it is famously known as “ the theater of wildlife” because it is a home to a high concentration of wildlife species such as; the red dusty elephants that are always spotted rolling on the termite molds and spray around the national park. More so, Tsavo East national park is being manages by the Kenya wildlife service whose main role is to ensure that all the conservation areas are highly protected and this park was named after the Tsavo River that divides this park in the middle together with the A109 road. More so, this national park is one of the best destinations where game drives activities are best done in the country and tourists exploring in this country can also embark on many more interesting activities such as; bird watching due to the fact it is a home to over 500 bird species, wildlife viewing where they get to see animals like; leopards, hippos, hyenas among others, Cultural tours where they get to interact with the local people, camping, guided nature walks, community visits and many others.

How to access Tsavo East National park.

For tourists who would love to travel to Tsavo East national park but want to skip the long strips can opt to book their flights from Wilson airport or Jomo Kenyatta international airport and then head to the park. However, there are other airstrips where operate domestically that tourists can also use and some of these include; the Satao airstrip, Mopeo airstrip, Bachuma airstrip, Voi airstrip among others. More so, individuals who want to travel to Tsavo East national park can opt to use the railway transport, which divides the park into two. The railway departs from Nairobi to the coast of Mombasa and then be able to drop you at the station within the park.

Tourist Attractions found in Tsavo East National park.

Tsavo East National park has a wide range of many attractions that lead many people to travel from different parts of the world to enjoy the scenic view of the park while on their safari. Therefore, tourists can opt to spend around 2 days while exploring though the national park and some of these attractions include;


Tsavo East national park is a home to over 500 bird species whereby some of these are migratory birds, permanent bird species, sea birds that only come to the park for breeding purposes. Therefore, some of these bird species include; Vulturine Guinea fowl, red winged lark, Eastern chanting goshawk, black-headed lapwing, red-bellied parrot, rosy-patched bush shrike, golden pipit, Maritial eagle, Somali bee-eater, Somali ostrich, Taita fiscal, Taita falcon, rufous chatterer among others.

Lugard Falls.

The Lugard Falls are known to have been named just after Frederick Lugard who was the first European explorer to visit the falls. More so, these falls are commonly visited by many individuals because it is not so hard to hike however, hiking to these falls is only best for individuals who are physically fit and in good health conditions whereby they should be free from diseases like; heart problems, pressure, flue and cough and many others.

Mudanda Rock.

Mudanda rocks are one of the main attractions that are found within the park and attract many tourists. In addition, they are the inselbergs that are found within the centre of the national park and they are known to be the water catchment areas that supply its waters to one of the dam that is situated under the rocks. In addition, these dams act as the main source of water where wildlife species always move to quench their thirst. In addition, this gives chances for tourists touring around this area be able to spot so many wildlife species.

Attractions In Tsavo East National Park
Mudanda Rock


Tsavo East National park is a good destination to go while on an adventurous safari and it is famously known for its dusty red elephants, which roam around many different parts of the world. More so, this national park is a home to over 50 mammal species which include the African big five animals such as; leopards, Rhinos, buffalos, lions, Elephants  and other animals like; zebras, hippos, cheetahs, giraffes, wild dogs, hyenas, wildebeests.

The Araba Dam.  

The Aruba Dam is one of the oldest dam that is found within Tsavo East national park and it was built in 1952 in around river Voi. More so, this dam attracts many aquatic animals and more of other animals as they visit the dam to quench their thirst.

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