Amboseli National Park Weather: Amboseli National Park weather is similar to any other part of Kenya is hot and dry. More so, the temperatures in the area per day are average around 28 degrees Celsius during the day and 15 degrees Celsius during night time.

Note; The dry season is always longer than the rainy season.

The park lies near the African highest mountain that is Mt Kilimanjaro of Tanzania. More so, the park is popular with the largest herds of African Elephants thus nicknaming it the ‘’Home of Africa Elephants’’.  The weather of Amboseli is more contradictable as it is influenced by the thrilling features like Swamp, Mountains, Woodlands, Open savannah among other.

There is also rain season which is divided into two the first rains which starts from March to May and the second rains tends to fall in November. Then, the long rainy seasons- the park experiences heavy rains that over pours during night times than day time. The second rains are very brief and they are not much compared to the first rains- the rainy seasons tends to be a green season or low season where the park receives few guests during this time. However, low season is one of the best times to visit the park if you want to enjoy your privacy with fewer crowds during your safari.

The dry seasons are also divided into two seasons starting from; June to October which is considered to be the best time to visit the park.  The second dry season is from December to February which is considered as the peak season.

To some may think that the dry season is completely dry but some time it receives little rains and it doesn’t mean that it can destruct your safari, no, it can rain in the morning then afternoon it ceases and safari goes on. It is also possible for the rain to rain throughout the year.

The weather in Amboseli is moderate throughout the year experiencing both hot and wet climatic conditions. This type of weather   makes the temperature at the park always to be uniform all year round.

The nights and the early mornings are always cold as temperature drop to an average raising up of 15 degrees Celsius daily. Due to an average received in the park, it can affect the dressing code – for that matter, one is advised to pack essential items when going for the Safari in Amboseli National Park. Like, going for night or early morning game drive you’re required to wear cotton clothes and comfortable safari shoes.  Amboseli National Park weather also determines the what to carry for your remarkable safari on Kenyan Safari. Take note; The rightful parking list makes the visitors enjoy their wildlife safari experience irrespective of the season.

More fact, the park lying in the foothills of the Mount Kilimanjaro – it leads to the effect of the winds from the mountain that makes the park to lie on the dry slopes of the mountain to receive little rains. The name Amboseli it’s in Masai in word which means ‘’salty dust’’.  The good favorable weather of the park has made it possible for visitors to enjoy the best game viewing all year round. Amboseli National Park weather also leads to the creation of five different habitants that make up the park, ranging from the dried-up beds of Lake Amboseli to the woodlands bordering Mount Kilimanjaro. Other habitants include; open savannah woodlands, wetlands, Sulphur springs and the dotted woodlands of Acacia trees.

Which season is best for visiting Amboseli?

Amboseli National Park is impressive all year round, the best time to go is during the dry months, which are from June to October and January to February.

Amboseli National Park Weather by Months;

March to May;

This is the long rains that always begins from March to May. The weather   during this time is wet and sunny. Although, rain don’t rain all the time but always showers afternoon.

The wettest month is April and May and the temperature are always higher reaching 28 degrees Celsius.

Amboseli National Park Weather
Amboseli National Park

June to October:

During this period of the year, it is considered to be the best time of the year to do safari in Amboseli National Park. The weather can be sunny and dry though the nights are cold with temperatures dropping at night ‘’15 degrees Celsius.

In peak season temperature is usually high from the month of June to October and game drive can be rewarding.


This is the short-wet months of the year and the park tends to receive rainfall, though sometime rain can start falling in late October and gets to peak in November. The storms are always happening in the afternoon with temperature rising up always.

December to February

This is the best time to enjoy game drive in Amboseli and at the same time best time for bird watching.

The cost of the safari to Amboseli can also be affected by the weather in that lodges offers discounted prices during the rainy season thus making it perfect for budget travelers to access the park at affordable rates.

Before planning a safari to Amboseli National Park, always check out the best time of visiting the park. You can check out with us Achieve Global Safaris to organize for you a suitable safari itinerary.

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