Amboseli National Park Big Five : Big five in Amboseli national park are the great Kenya wildlife safari experience which is mostly renowned for its Big 5 across all the African protected areas meant not the largest animals in the wilderness of Africa but the most challenging animals more especially to the hunters.  The big five in Amboseli national park typically mean the animals that are most dangerous and deadly in the wilderness. The African big five are the lions, Leopards, buffalo, Rhinos and the elephants. Amboseli national park is one of the premium national parks not only in Kenya but to the entire East Africa region. Amboseli national park has got only four members of the Big five without the presence of the Rhino, this came up when the Rhinos were killed from the park. Amboseli national park has got the members in the park which makes the park to be called the Big five like the (lions, leopards, elephants and the buffalos). Among the Big five of the park, Amboseli national park has got the highest number of the elephants that are over 1,000 live in the park’s fragile eco-system, and records show them to be amongst some of the biggest elephants in Africa. The park is a home to more than 50 other mammal species, including the lion, cheetah, plus herds of the zebras, wildebeest and their various predators.

The Amboseli National Park big 5.


Elephants are the most populated animals in Amboseli national park, as they are among the members of the big five in the park. There are over 1600 species found in Amboseli national park, among the elephants in the park, the park consists some of the famous elephant species in the world like the Tim elephant which is known across the world. Elephants contribute to the largest population of animals in the park. Elephants in Amboseli national park are always studied about not only in Kenya, but also the entire world.

Amboseli National Park Big Five
Amboseli elephants

It was reported that the park was hosting large number elephants, the park was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1991, there was an alloy wildlife celebrities in the world that originate from the park and one of these celebrities is called Elephant Tim which is the common elephant in the Amboseli National park.

The elephants in the park elephants are 1600 elephants that are grouped into various 58 families, the park is dominated by the short grassland vegetation which makes it easy for a tourists to spot elephants in large numbers free grazing in the park. Elephants in Amboseli national park has a life expectancy of 56 years which makes them to live longer, accumulate thus making themselves to be the largest and famous animals of the big five in the park. The elephant population in the park is one of the few that has been able to live relatively undisturbed existence in natural conditions. This rare situation is primarily due to the two factors that is the existence of the researchers and the tourists in the park, and as well as the support of the local Maasai people.


Lions are well known as the king of the jungle or locally known as ‘Simba’ which is the most admirable creature to see during your tour, Lions are one of the known member of the big five in Amboseli national park. Lions are the key member of the Big 5 in Amboseli national park, there are over 100 lion’s in Amboseli which are commonly seen in the morning or late in the evening following the road.

The lions form the third largest member population of the Big 5 in Amboseli national park, due to the small size of the park as well as open savannah grasslands, it’s easy to see the lions in the jungle. Lions can also be easily seen during the night game drives at the park. And if you lucky enough you can spot the tree climbing lions. The advantage with the lions is that after their meal of the day they take longer hours resting in the same place making the tourists to enjoy sighting them a full day in the same location, and the lions like hunting a group where the females are the most hunters as the males wait for the kill, the male and the female lions do usually meet during the mating period.


Leopards are the trickiest and the rare member of the big 5 in Amboseli national park. They are very shy but dangerous animals which spend most of their time on trees, they leave solo life unless they are mating then you will get them paired in the park. To get a chance to view leopards in the park is during the game viewing, the driver guide must be senior because it needs when one has got an eagle eye to spot them immediately. The leopards have dots like the cheetah but more muscular than a cheetah, in that the leopard has the front legs are more built that enables them to carry the prey which can double its weight up into the tree.

Unlike the number of the cheetahs, in the park there are very few leopards that can be spotted in the park, but the Leopards are among the main predators.

Amboseli National Park Big Five
leopards in Amboseli


In the park mostly during the dry season, the buffalos can be seen mostly in the river banks and on the lake shores of the park as they are trying to cool themselves, buffaloes graze communally like cows and they are always led by the dominant male buffaloes. They are very simple but so dangerous and aggressive and they charge easily. Sometimes when the male buffalo becomes old, it is usually chased from the herd and it tends to live a solitary life.

Amboseli national park has got various animal species apart from the big 5 like the cheetahs, wildebeest, hyenas, crocodiles, gazelles, giraffes, hippos and many more, so the game viewing on Kenya safari never discourages since the park has got various animal species, also the vegetation within a park make it more convenient and attractive for the park to accommodate a lot of the animal species.

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