Activities to do in Jinja : Jinja is one of the highly recommended places to visit while on a safari in Uganda and this city is located in the Eastern region of the country covering a total surface area of about 1,204 meters. More so, this city has a large population of around 71,213 people who settle within the area handling different businesses and taking care of their homes and this city is famously known and commonly visited because it is well known as the source of the great River Nile due to the fact that it is in jinja that the Nile leaves Lake Victoria and then heads to Egypt which covers about 6,650kilometers. In addition, the other unique thing to known about Jinja city is that it derived its name from the huge rocks, which were found along the Nile. Exploring around Jinja gives you opportunities to see many tourists attractions which makes your safari a successful one and some of these include; the Jinja Nile Bridge, the Itanda falls, the Nile River Explorers, the Buutu safaris, Kayak the Nile, Nile View Casino, Nile discovery resort, Nile Fount Excursion Adventures, Griffin falls camp, visiting the Memorial monument, the Jinja farmers market, Uganda Railway museum, Bujjagali falls, stunning beaches and islands in Lake Victoria, Kagulu hills and many others.

Things to do while in Jinja.

There are so many interesting activities that tourists can do while exploring around Jinja where they can create good remarkable memories and have a new experience. Therefore, some of these things include;

Bungee Jumping.

 Jinja city is well known as a good spot where to go for bungee jumping, which is an exciting, and a good experience most especially for those individuals who are doing it for their first time. Bungee jumping always involves tourists to jump into 43 meters down before you immerse into the Nile water at the Nile High Bungee. More so, this activity is best for the loved ones and for those who people who are fearless and would love to test their adventure spirits.

White water rafting on River Nile.

White Water rafting is an activity that are is commonly done activity and it normally in a distance covering a total surface area of about 21 kilometers while going through eight big rapids. White water rafting is best done on the River Nile, which is famously known to be world’s longest river. And tourists who opt to embark in this activity always get a good experience and it gives them a condunsive atmosphere to relax and the water is sometimes calm which makes it clear and perfect for individuals who have good swimming skills to swim and while hovering around the lake, bird lovers can also be able to sight see many bird species.

Activities to do in Jinja
White Water Rafting

Tour around the Source of the Nile.

For individuals exploring around Jinja can also use this opportunity to tour around River Nile. This river is famously known as the longest river in the whole world, which which is seen flowing from Lake Victoria at a reasonable speed, and then goes through the Mediterranean Sea.

Boat cruise.

Tourists while on their tour around jinja can also choose to go for boat cruises where they get chances and opportunities to encounter with large numbers of bird species and enjoy capturing classic views of the beautiful scenery in the surrounding. In addition, these launch trips are best done from River Nile.

And apart from the above mentioned, there are many more things that tourists can do while on their Uganda safari in Jinja and these include; Quad biking which is a good driving experience and involves individuals to slide across the puddles and potholes in mud, Kayaking, horse riding which is best done along the shores of River Nile while you enjoy exploring through the beautiful landscapes of the country as you sight see at birds, tubing the Nile and many others.

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