3 Major Places to visit in Tanzania  : Tanzania is the best tourist destination in the entire world, as the good percentage of the country’s land is renowned to have the reserved and the protected conservation purposes. That is owning the large number of the national parks and national reserves in the country hence making the country to be well ranked in among the best countries in the entire Africa with the perfect tourism. Where a tourist can make it as his right and best choice and can never get disappointed. Tanzania is perfectly known for vast gift of the wildlife which makes the country safaris excellent. Including the predators, great migration, big five mammals, bird species like flamingos.


Tanzania’s major destinations which should be explored by the tourists includes the most biggest and best parks that are known in the entire Africa , with the most varied and the most spectacular and unique landscape which makes Tanzania to be selected as the most impressive safari destination.

Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti National Park is blessed with the unique animal species that are found on the planet. The park is among the two best parks in East Africa known for the natural wonders that is the annual wildebeest migration. As this takes place only in Maasai mara national reserve and in Serengeti national park. Not only that the destination proceeds you to the big five mammals that includes the lion, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalos. Minus forgetting the magical, attractive and colourful bird species which tend to be found in every corner of Serengeti national park.

Tourists who are willing to carry out a safari in Tanzania should therefore fore see and make Serengeti national park as their expected destination in order to experience everyone’s dream that is the annual migration. Here over millions and millions of wildebeest, thousands of zebras, and among other animal species do happen in the park in May or early June this is where the tourists watch the iconic wonder of the world. The best time to visit Serengeti national park is during the dry season which is good for game viewing that’s when the various animal species tend to crowd the water sources in the park hence easy spotting.

Ngorongoro conservation area.

Ngorongoro conservation area is known as a home to the famous volcanic Ngorongoro crater, and Tanzania’s magical spotting areas for various wildlife. This is such charming destination to be explored by the tourists as the place has got permanent supply of water which makes various animal species to tend and surround the destination permanently as well hence making it has the best spotting area for various animal species to be witnessed from this place.

3 Major Places to visit in Tanzania
3 Major Places to visit in Tanzania

Animal species to be sighted from here includes the zebras, lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, wildebeest, Thomson’s gazelles and among many others. The area has the most magnificent bird watching safari where the place is known for the vast number of the bird species like flamingos around Lake Magadi, and the hippos can as well be witnessed along during your safari to the destination.

Tarangire National park.

Tarangire National Park is one of the best destinations worldwide known for the highest numbers of the migratory wildlife hence offering the tourists with the best game viewing in Tanzania. Especially during the dry season in months from July to September. Tourists during that period can spot animal species like the zebras, lions, buffalos, hartebeest, eland, and elephants and among others. During game drives the tourists can as well watch the gorgeous unique tree species like the baobab and among others which crates the charming of the landscape of the park.

Nothing is incredible like bird watching in Tarangire as this triples the various destinations, where it gives the best chances of the tourists to spot the beautiful bird species in the park like eagles, falcons, storks, herons and many others.

Not only the above destinations, Tanzania has other amazing destinations to be discovered on your Tanzania safari in the country Like Lake Manyara National Park, Pemba island, Mount Kilimanjaro, Katavi national park, Ruaha national Park, Arusha national park, Stone town, Mafia island, Zanzibar beaches and among many others which gives you the best safari memories ever in your life with the best safari destinations.

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